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More Golf Swing Speed with Rocketballz


More Golf Swing Speed

How would you increase the distance your drives would go. Would golf swing speed help? Well that is what the manufacturers of Taylor made said and they have developed the next progression of drivers for that purpose.

They have done it with the new Rocketballz Stage 2 and the new R1. Read all about it from Golf Week blog.

Many golfers and observers have speculated about TaylorMade’s strategy for 2013. After all, how could the company follow the great success it found with its white-headed drivers of recent years?

The wait is over: TaylorMade went with new adjustability, new graphics, new shafts options and new names. Say hello to R1 and RocketBallz Stage 2.

Rather than R13 — the logical step from predecessors R7, R9 and R11 — TaylorMade went back to R1….More at TaylorMade introduces new R1, RocketBallz Stage 2 drivers

The RockertBallz Stage 2 Driver Video

The designers at Taylormade have developed the next generation of drivers. As the article tells us instead of going with the same designation that they have been following they decided to go back to the original name of the drivers which were Rocketballz stage 2 and the new R1. Well, you can read the great article for yourself.

Also I have copied a video from Taylormade utilizing Tom Kroll, TaylorMade’s global product marketing manager for woods, explains all the new features and benefits of the RocketBallz Stage 2 driver. Enjoy.

So what are the results? We shall see from future videos about the drivers and the new golf swing speed, low center of gravity which launches higher with less rotation for more distance.

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