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More Golf Swing Speed With The Adams Fast 12

More golf swing speed with Adams Fast 12

The review tells about aerodynamic shape of the club head which punches through the air much easier then the conventional large head drivers for more golf swing speed. These newer clubs all are trying to do two things, one is to get the club through the air faster for more golf swing speed and second is to get the center of gravity lower to reduce the spin for more distance also.

The article goes on to give you all of the technical data and some experience with the clubs. I must tell you that this is the exact club, driver and three metal I got for Christmas but I have not had the chance to use them.

Anyway, on to the article;

I played a few rounds with the Fast 12 and my experience was pretty much the same each time. What stood out to me the most about the F12 was the way it felt at impact. Unlike other fairway woods I’ve hit, the F12 felt different. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but if I had to try and describe it, I’d say it felt smooth. Unless I completely mis-hit the ball off of the toe or the heel of the clubface, I barely felt the ball at impact, which explains the smooth feel. The other characteristic I noticed about the F12 was the sound it makes at impact. My current fairway wood makes a low, “thud” sound at impact, whereas the F12 makes a sharp, “ping” sound at impact. The sound deadens slightly toward to heel or the toe of the clubface, so not only can you “feel” a mis-hit, you can also “hear” it….More at Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood Review

I must admit, the clubs look good and feel good for me but I will not be making it out to the golf course for a little while longer. This time last year we were out playing golf with the extremely mild winter we had but this year we are 3.3 inches over our average for this time of the year and over 10 inches more than last year.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Video

Anyway, I got a video from Edwin Watts about the Adams metals. A nice video about the technology that went into making the clubs and shafts.

The Speedline Fast 12 LS is the newest driver from Adams Golf. This driver combines industry leading aerodynamic technology with modern adjustability. The drivers have the lowest spinning, most aerodynamic driver ever, and is the only driver availability with length adjustability. The player can optimize this driver by adjusting the loft, lie angle and length easily and quickly. The Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver is available now and can be found at Edwin Watts Golf.

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By the way, while looking for articles I ran across a forum produced by where they have 44 pages on one forum post about the Adams SpeedLine Fast 12 driver and three metal. If you feel like going through it but not all of the posts do what I did and read the first couple and then go to the end or even the last three or four pages to get up to date reviews from the middle of the season.

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