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I Just Learned How To Swing In Golf

Can you believe it, it is the last of October and I just learned how to swing in golf.

I bought more golf tutorials from the Internet last week and got the DVD’s over the weekend. I did also get the same dvd’s to watch on my computer. So, I got a view of the first dvd last week and then a review over the weekend.

This is a golf swing series from Bobby Wilson, the long driving champion. The golf swing I learned from Paul Wilson was good but I was having difficulties repeating the swing. Well everything I learned from Paul I used yesterday except for the  take-away and turn as well as the downswing or forward swing.

That change made all of the difference in the world. I played nine holes yesterday but went to the driving range on Sunday and practiced with the new golf swing.

On Monday, I hit six great drives, one bad one and two par threes very good shots. The weather was in the mid sixties with a steady twenty mph winds with gusts up to thirty mph. And I hate playing in the wind. On the seventh hole I used a three iron to avoid the wind as my drive was right into the wind. I know my drives are more accurate and I was in the fairway or just off in the rough throughout the round.

The winds were out of the southwest and the course I was playing on was north/south mostly, so the wind affected my drives and approach shots from all sides. In other words, I was playing well but the wind affected all of the drives. Still, without keeping score, I had a number of holes that I parred and was pretty happy about the round.

The rest of the week is suppose to get colder with rain so my wife and I will go out today again because the weather is suppose to be in the mid sixties without the wind. Wednesday with the guys is suppose to be high fifties with rain, so I don’t know if it is going to happen.

Ok, so you probably want to know what the difference is between Paul and Bobby Wilson. Well, Paul is all about a compact swing that will keep you in the fairway and out of trouble. In order to  get more distance back you have to monkey around with the swing using your wrist and timing and body turning faster. Whereas, Bobby wants you to hit the ball long and straight by using a “U” shaped swing. That gives you a longer take-away with more club head speed for distance and accuracy on your forward golf swing.

Both want you to have a neutral grip with the thumbs not on the center line but at 1 and 11 on the grip. Both want you to have a soft grip with more flexibility for more golf swing speed.

The ball location is similar but different. Paul wants the ball just left of center for two thru five iron and near center for seven thru wedge. Bobby wants you to place the ball about two inches towards the center from your heal. They are similar but different. I still like Fuzzy Zeller’s thought about ball location. Take a practice swing away from the ball with the club you have and determine where the bottom of your golf swing is and then line up the ball maybe an inch after of the beginning of the turf divot.

The location will vary with every club and on every shot and day to day.

Oh and one other thing I forgot, which is fundamentally different between Paul and Bobby Wilson, is the take-away. With Paul, he wants you to rotate with the shoulders and turn ninety degrees with your back to the target and your upper part of your body and head a little behind the ball, so that you can see the label on the ball at the back. While Bobby wants you to turn also but to pull the club head back on a straight line and when your upper body has turned ninety degrees, your left shoulder, for a rightie, should be over your right foot. This helps generate more club head speed and accuracy with a longer swing.

Oh well, enough of the two golf swings. The Bobby Wilson swing seems to be a more consistent golf swing and it has helped me be more accurate, even in yesterdays wind. His swing is more upright and longer with more speed. There are a couple more differences but this is getting long. I will provide more info tomorrow.

So here is to learning how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. I think after all is said and done, I will have a closer example of the perfect golf swing by next season.

I say next season as I will probably get about six more rounds of golf in and then it will be winter, so the season is over for the most part and it will be on to bowling mostly.

And if all of this is just too hard to adjust to you can always go to the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt to learn to keep the ball in play and better your scores by 10 to 20 strokes next season for 18 holes if you are a hacker with rounds in the 110’s. It is well worth the cost.

See ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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