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Golf Swing Speed verses Distance

Golf Swing Speed verses distance

I have put together a number of articles about golf swing speed and the correlation to distance. I have decided to write another based on the last article about wind as I am sitting here in my office listening to the wind blowing outside and hoping I can go through our up coming season without winds like these.

Currently the winds are blowing at 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. I can remember playing in winds like these and could not get off the course fast enough even though I love playing the game. I would rather play in rain, not a heavy rain but a light sprinkle or light rain, even with my rain gear on, then play in the wind that is blowing at speeds in excess of 15 mph.

How about golf swing speeds

Now this got me thinking about the golf swing and golf swing speeds that dictate how far the golf ball will travel.

I play with a lot of golfers that are really bad. I play with a group that want to get better and one or two are half way decent but even with them playing a little better then the average league golfer, because they play more, they are still pretty bad. Lets say I golf with about 10 guys that like to play extra and are trying to get better.

Out of the 10 guys there are two maybe three that golf in the high 30’s or low 40’s for nine holes. The rest golf in the high 40’s to mid 50’s for nine holes.

We all, except one guy, over swing and hit the ball on our drives between 220 yards and 280 yards. The one guy that has a nice smooth swing shoots in the 38 or 39 range and drives the ball 30 to 40 yards beyond all of us except for the one other guy that gets a lucky hit every now and again to get a 270 or 280 yard drive.

So as I have spent a lot of the winter trying to provide good content for this post and watching the pros play and watching videos on the web, one thing stands out for me, the people with a smooth golf swing play well and hit the ball further then me and my buddies.

A few posts back I gave you a chart about golf swing speed and distances the balls will travel for each club based on those swing speeds.

I want you to understand, I can now afford to think those thoughts as I have a pretty good golf swing right now. I might even have a perfect golf swing compared to most of the people I golf with.

Golf Swing Speed Control

So what if my friends were to slow down their swings, what would be the result of what they are doing now be compared to the slower golf swing. If my friends were swinging the driver at a speed of 90 to 97 mph and they were hitting their balls about 210 to 240 where would they be at say 80 to 90 mph and swung the driver in control.

Well for one thing they would probably be in the fairway or in the rough more often then they are right now. They would be shorter and on some holes they would not be able to reach the green in regulation. BUT, they would be right up close, within 20 to 30 yards, for a short chip shot. If you have been keeping up with me with the last 10 posts you understand what I am talking about.

Number one they would not have their drives in the woods and almost all balls would be in play. Number two, if they are up near the green in regulation, they could easily chip up close to one putt for a par. Or if they were lucky enough to just get on the green then they could get a good lag putt up close to the pin so that they would have a tip in for par. All in all, their scores would go down, RIGHT!

Could you imagine shooting 10 to 15 strokes less then you currently do by just getting your golf swing in control and slowing your golf swing down. That would be for 18 holes but just imagine being in your league and you are suddenly 5 to 7 strokes better for nine holes. So instead of shooting say 54 you would now be 49 or even 47. How many other players would you beat.

Better golf control

So, there are ways to do that. I have shown you a lot of articles and videos that try to get you in control and how to swing the club and how to chip and putt and lag putt to help you bring your golf scores down to a place they have never been. You can just do that and don’t worry about hitting the piss out of the ball. You need to hit the ball in control and at a safe speed that will help you get your drives in the fairway or close to the fairway.

There is another alternative. Use the info I have provided plus get the Symple Golf Swing system and you will be like I am right now, a top 5% player in your leagues. That means, if you have 40 people in your league then you would one of the top 2 players in scoring and 38 others would be worse. How about that sports fans.

Anyway, you know what is right for you. If you are set in your ways and have a good time shooting in the 50’s or 60’s then keep doing what your doing. But if you want to improve then take action now before the season starts. You will start the season better then ever before and then as you get some playing time you will get better.

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