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Golf, How to Swing the Putter Much Better for Good Golf Scores!

Welcome back,

This is another tip about improving my golf, how to swing the putter. The sentence is kind of awkward but I do that in the hopes I will get this blog on the front page of the search engines so that I can help more people with their golf swing.

Anyway, to get back to putting and the golf swing with putting, I will tell you that I have change my putting technique to do the following; MAKE SHORT PUTTS!!

That is correct. In general, I have the putting knowledge to get the lag put to within a ten foot radius. That means I must get my second or last putt to go in from ten feet or less. So I am concentrating on those putts.

I have started out with a roll of toilet paper. I begin by trying to hit the toilet paper like it would drop into a hole and make putts from 12 feet. I put six balls in a circle around 12 feet from the roll of paper. I must tell you though, my living/dining room is not big enough to have 24 feet available for all of my putts. So I put six balls at 12 feet but mostly on one side.

I continued to practice those until I could make all six. Then I would continue so that I was making five out of six every time I set it up. Then I moved down to ten feet and did the same. I did eight foot putts next and so on until I got to three feet. I was doing the six balls around the toilet roll and then move to a large cup and now I use a plastic 12 ounce “glass” laying on its side with the mouth pointing towards my putts. In order to get the ball into the glass I must be accurate to about an inch otherwise it will not go into the cup.

Once I made six in a row using the plastic glass, I went back out to Buy Viagra prescription online six feet and will continue out to 12 feet.

If I can make five out of six with this smallĀ  a target at 12 feet, I will be a great putter.

I know that the carpet is a lot slower then the grass greens but the most important part is aim and stroke. To make sure that the stroke is consistent I close my eyes when I putt on every third putt. I only open my eyes after a second or more has passed to see where the ball ended up. This makes me stroke the ball the way I want to do it whereas when I would keep my eyes open I would tend to try and guide it and either push or pull the putt.

By the way, I think I have finally got my stroke for the perfect golf swing. But that is for next time.



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