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My Favorite Golf Swing Tips

Like I promised yesterday, here is a video from Paul Wilson, Revolution Golf. You will see that he has the perfect golf swing and still can generate golf swing speeds in excess of 90 mph without seeming to exert any force at all. I chose this video to remind you that you do not need to swing hard when trying to hit a golf ball.

He also talks about the golf grip being about a 2 out of 10. Please go back to my March 15th post that shows you the golf grip video which I use now. My grip is very soft and I was able to hit my longest drive in recent memory right out of the gate on my first 9 holes this season.

The drive on 15 was long, high and straight like it was on a rope. When it clicked on the club face, I could actually feel how good the drive was going to be. Between last year and the beginning of this season I have been able to hit drives around 290 yards but my average drive is about 250 or 260 yards. This one I launched

on Monday night was well in excess of 310 yards.

My golf swing is a mish-mash version of the Paul Wilson swing (about 80%), David Nevogt, The Simple Golf Swing, which uses a shortened back swing version (10%) and the Moe Norman’s Natural Golf which is the single golf swing plane (10%). And I use Paul Wilson’s golf grip 100%.

Here is the Paul Wilson Video. When The video is over I will provide an excerpt from David Nevogt’s ebook about the simple golf swing.

By the way, I am still working on my swing to be as loose as his. I am getting closer but I still have a quicker golf swing.

Next is a quote from David’s book. This is an exact quote from David Nevogt’s ebook about back swing in “the Simple Golf Swing“:

“The chest and shoulders shouldn’t be turning, unless your arms are turning with them. In other words, you want your swing to start your swing with a shoulder turn, but your arms should start swinging at exactly the same time. They are an extension. They are connected. Furthermore, your arms shouldn’t be swinging unless your chest is rotating. Don’t start swinging your arms without starting the shoulder turn. They are connected. Your left elbow remains locked throughout the entire swing. When you complete your shoulder turn, your arms should stop as well. The goal will be to have your left arm exactly parallel to the ground. Your elbow is still locked. When it gets there…stop. Do not continue your swing.”

I hope this has given you some help. This is basically what I use to swing the club. I also try to use the single plane golf swing to keep from having this complex angle the others want us to use between our arms and the club.

Here is a web site where a young fellow is showing you his conversion to Moe Norman’s “Natural Golf Swing” which is about the single golf plane swing. His web site is and is completely free. He has videos and articles about his transformation.

Well that’s quite a bit for a single post and I hope you have enjoyed. My next post will be next Tuesday after golf on Monday. I hope I have a better score next week. My goal is to get below a 40 average for 9 holes. Enjoy the weekend.

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