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Golf, How To Swing for Practice

It is the new year and we are thinking about spring and summer.

We are tired of the winter and want it to be over. During the end of last year we started out accutane mexico buy being lost and not knowing what to do. Well this upcoming spring we will be ready to play right out of the chute.

There are going to be a lot of ifs to our schedule so lets begin.

Let us assume that we are in a winter type atmosphere and cannot get outdoors. We have an attached garage that maintains about 35 degrees during the winter and allows us to swing a club with a nine or ten foot ceiling.

If we did not buy a practice putting green then we will have to practice putting on your carpeting. Any room will do. Just bring out a plastic glass and place it on the carpet laying down facing right or left. That way we will have a larger target. As we get better we will put it down with the base at the bottom and finally we will place it laying down with the mouth of the glass facing us. When you start making a lot of putts with it in that last position, you will be quite good.

If you want to practice chipping, you can do that in the house also. Go out and buy a package or two of the little golf ball size plastic wiffle balls for practicing. Get a cheap rug to use your iron on so that you don’t mess up the carpet. Put a box out at some distance you want to practice and try to chip into the box.

You have purchased two video series from the Internet. One is on your golf swing and the other is on chipping and putting. The chipping and putting you have started already and now you want to practice your golf swing. I tried Kamagra cheapest using the wiffle balls outdoors during the spring and found them to be ok but then I took them into the garage and found it to be a disaster.

With no wind to reduce the effect of these balls they travel really fast and hit the garage door hard and the balls would bounce back at me really hard. So, unless you have a net up to catch the wiffle balls I would practice the swing without any balls.

If you have seen the video about 120 practice swings, you will know what to do. I am going to put that video on this post again so that you will see what I am talking about. And really, if you have not gone through all or most of my post, shame on you.

It is not that I am so proud of myself but it tells you what I went through this past golf season to go from a hacker to a whacker. I went from a person that shoots 100 plus to averaging 83.

I dropped 17 strokes or more off of my game in three months. It could have been more if I would have practiced putting and chipping more.

My putts were 35 to 37 each round. If I would have knocked five strokes off by either chipping better or putting better I could have been in the seventies with regularity. That was golfing while still experimenting to find that easy, simple and repeatable golf swing.

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And you will notice that my posts are getting longer. I really should have cut this post in half.

Here is the video that to the

Use this to be prepared for April, the spring start up.

Next post is practice.

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