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Rain Out Today but Golf Swing Tips Provided

It continues to rain and that is creating havoc among golfers. It has become Golf, How to Swing or NOT!

The group I was playing with on Monday indicated that this was there first time out or maybe even second time out this year. They said that last year they had all been out on the course playing at least 5 to 8 times by this time last year. I know the weather has been real sucky but I did not realize how bad it has been.

Before jumping in here I went into a couple of forums and was astonished by the confusion about the golf swing. For every person that remarks on these forums, they each have a different version of how to hit a golf ball for almost every shot they take.

The people don’t even have a consensus on where to place the ball in your stance. Well, I shouldn’t say that as they mostly agree it should be between your feet somewhere and when hitting the driver you should have the ball placed about at the heal of your forward foot.

So for those of you that have the same confusion this is how I am doing it right now with some minor variances.  With the driver, stand at the ball with your feet together and the ball is placed between you feet.

With your trailing foot, take a step to the right for right handers and place it so that it feels like you have your feet shoulder width or slightly more.

Take your forward foot and open it up by 5 to 10 degrees and move the back foot open about 25 to 35 degrees. What this does is have your driver on the upward arc as it strikes the ball. Also, you must have the ball teed up so that the mid-line (or equator) of the ball is equal to the top of the driver head. This will hit the ball just above the sweet spot on the club face with an ascending strike.

For the fairway woods the ball should be placed back in the stance by one ball diameter. The low and mid irons should be placed in the middle of your stance and the 8 iron and higher should be placed about one ball back in the stance from the middle. And all should have the feet turned out like the driver.

Now for the variances. Fuzzy Zoeller was asked to provide a golf swing tip to help the average golfer. His response was this; “Take a practice swing and see where your club comes in contact with the ground. This should be where you place the ball in your stance but move the ball forward of that by about a balls width.” In other words, if you see the scrape made by the club, place the ball there but move it more into the scrape to make sure you are at the bottom of the swing.

He continued, “This should be done with every club, every time you play as each day is different and your swing is slightly different.”

I personally thought this was great info and I am trying to incorporate this into my pre-shot routine. But with every thing else I am doing it is hard to remember it all. So, I hope this has helped at least one aspect of hitting a golf ball with that perfect golf swing you are trying to learn.

Thank you for your time and if you get a chance, please sign up for my newsletter for more help with the golf swing.

See you next Tuesday with a new post.

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