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The Perfect Golf Swing Needs Practice

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing needs practice

My swing is the perfect golf swing but I am having trouble getting it into the middle of the fairway. It is a good hit but the ball will go just a little right or left and it is all about how open or closed my driver or even my iron clubs are when I hit the ball.

So I have decided I need to go to the driving range and hit some balls and get the location of my club head and the location of the ball to my feet and subsequently to the club face.

I guess I could do that tomorrow but I would rather have it set so that I can play for score tomorrow.

How do I know I am having problems. Well, I am keeping track of where I am hitting the ball after each shot. On my score card I have room for Hit the Fairway on drive or hit the green in regulation and how many putts. This will determine what my perfect golf swing is doing.

So what does the score card say

Using my perfect golf swing the score card tells me I am hitting the fairway only four out of seven drives. I am landing on the greens in regulation about 3 times out of nine holes. I am having 18 or fewer putts for each nine holes.

This all means I am scrambling to score and I am putting pretty good. One nine I had only 14 putts but I am averaging 17 for the other nines I play which I consider good. Out of these nines I have been keeping track I have only three putted one green over the last nine rounds I have played.

The perfect golf swing is doing good but I am not locating properly

What am I doing wrong

I am hitting the ball good with my perfect golf swing but it will go left or right straight but sometimes when it goes right it will have a fad or slice to it. It is a matter of having the ball either too far back in my stance or the club face opened or closed. Also, I believe I am standing a little to far away from the sweet spot and hitting the ball out near the toe.

What that all means is this; if I have the ball back in my stance the club is still open when it hits the ball causing it to go right and there could be a cut across the ball creating the fad or slice.

If I am too far forward in my stance, I will hit the ball left of the intended target which causes me to miss the greens with my approach shots and go left with my driver.

I am going to have to do two things to help fix these issues.

The first is that I am going to have to have the club face square to the ball and following its flight path.

Second, I am going to make sure that my perfect golf swing is repeating on every golf swing.

What else could be wrong

I still believe my driver with my perfect golf swing is not even close to what I had before I broke the shaft. I used to hit balls around 265 yards on average with shots as high as 300 yards. That was just last August, 2011. Ever since I have had troubles hitting 250 yards with a great swing. And there are times when I have hit a great shot only to get mediocre results.

I think I may need to get a new driver. That is a lot of clubs I need to get. I need a new wedge and sand wedge as well as a driver and maybe even a putter.

I have gone back to my old putting style as the new putting method requires a short putter to control the swing and my putter is too long. I don’t want to cut my putter down but if I find a used one somewhere and cut it down and have it re-shafted I could use it.

I was also thinking of getting more hybrids as I like my 5 hybrid and it goes a lot higher then my five iron used to do. I guess with all of my needs I should ask for gift certificates to my favorite golf store when Christmas comes around.

Again I think my golf swing is the perfect golf swing for me and I would like to help you get your perfect golf swing. I am doing a lot of things new that help me get my swing so read every word next.

I have a very slow back swing. As a matter of fact it is like a no back swing swing like I told you just a week or so ago. But I do have a back swing but it takes me to a point where I start my forward swing really short. I have shortened my back swing so that the club only reaches parallel to the ground, not my arms. Then I accelerate through the forward swing to get maximum speed out of my golf swing.

Another thing I am doing is cocking my arm on the approach irons to get more distance out of them. In other words I am putting my handsĀ  forward of my club head and I keep it there throughout the perfect golf swing. This will give me a lower trajectory and subsequently more distance. I do have to open the club face a little to keep it from going left. A hard adjustment.

So, I now have the perfect golf swing but I am not scoring as well as I should because of these other issues I am having. But I am scoring pretty well. I am averaging 42 for every nine holes I play. Yesterday with my wife, I shot a 42 and last Wednesday, with the guys, I had a 40 and 43 on the two nines.

Even though I am missing the fairways with my driver it is not going way out into the trees so I am not getting into a lot of trouble. And I am just missing the greens on my approach shots so my chip shots are easy and I am two putting for bogies and three or four pars when I hit the greens. That makes me five or six over par.

If I get a double bogie it creates a real issue but I make up for it somewhere along the line.

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See ya on Thursday after golf.


Lou M.

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