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Give It Up – How To Swing In Golf

Let’s finally give it up on how to swing in golf! You can learn how to swing in golf for you but the perfect golf swing does not exist.

I have been looking for over a year now and I have spent over $500 to find the perfect golf swing but to no avail. The perfect golf swing is an illusion that is made up by wanna bees. There is a perfect golf swing that is just right for you. But is it better than your buddies golf swing?

Whomever can get the best score on a daily basis has the best golf swing but not the perfect golf swing unless they are scoring even par or better on every round.

Yesterday, golfing with my wife on not my favorite golf course but a convenient golf course I was one over par after five holes. Then on the sixth hole, I hit a very good drive and it ended up right in the middle of the fairway. I had hit every fairway up until then so it was getting to be expected.

The hole is a par five and I was to hit my three metal again. Up until this point I had used it once before to less than satisfactory results but still got enough distance on it to use a 60 yard wedge to the green but this other par five was something else.

I kept my eyes on the ball and still almost missed the ball only to have it slice into the pond ahead. So I pulled out another ball at the point it went in and used a two iron next. I was hitting four and put that next shot short of the green, chipped on for five and two putted for a seven. Now I was three over par.

The next hole a long 203 par three. I tried my three iron and the ball ended up short, I chipped on and two putted for a four. Now I was four over par.

The eighth hole is a short par four but a severe dogleg right. I hit is pretty good and recorded my second slice, well not quite a slice but a fade. This left me in the fairway about 110 yards short. I tried my wedge again but ended up short, chipped on and two putted for a bogie five. Now I am five over.

The final hole I hit a pretty good drive but it was shorter than I thought it should be and would have required me to use my three metal again. Well rather than try it I decided to lay up short of the creek and pitch on. I hit a good shot but them my pitch to the green was short, I chipped on for four and two putted for a six. Seven over par for a 43.

A not so great score for someone playing really well. Each drive was in the fairway. Almost every pitch was short and I was not any good with my chips to get a one putt. I really only had one bad shot all round but did not score like it. Oh wait, I did have a good chip and it was on the second hole. I drove into the left side of the fairway and my first nine iron shot from about 130 yards, I put it left of the green. I chipped on and tapped in for a par.

Because it was me and my wife, I would try a second shot on occasions to try and figure out what I did but did not count that shot and would not play it again but would pick it up. I hit a really good nine iron to the green and could not figure out why it went left so I tried another but opened the club face about a quarter of an inch and aimed more right. The ball went straight but I was right side green.

The result was I shot all of my approach shots with the club slightly open and that helped a lot. After that I had every shot online but was short on some but the course kind of dictated that. The course is designed to reward you short with easy front of the green for a nice approach shot and if you were long it would give you a disaster to try and get back onto the green.

The greens on all three courses have been aerated so it is hard to sink a putt or to even have the putt follow the line without jumping off course. I missed one that was about five feet when it hit a hole or a pebble or something and took a new line that made me miss by an inch that became the norm for all putts.

Also, the greens are not mowed like they are during the season, so they were kind of slow.

But this is November 7th and we are still golfing. We also went to  a national sporting goods company that had a new store that opened on Saturday and then went to our local chain after golf Monday to look for clubs for my wife. I will tell you more about it tomorrow and what kind of deals they each had.

We are thinking of golfing again today as it is suppose to be 65 degrees today. It will depend on if the rain stops, like it is suppose to do. Anyway, that will be the end today’s how to swing in golf like a pro to get the perfect golf swing for you. I am very close to my perfect golf swing for me.

And maybe there is no perfect golf swing for you but a very good golf swing is lurking just around the corner. That is where the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt comes in. His golf swing is designed to help the hacker get better not perfect. So if improving your score from the 100’s or even 55’s for nine holes to something that is respectable, then this is the one for you. He has a money back guarantee and has sold the book and videos to over two million golfers with satisfactory results. See ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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