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Even With Perfect Golf Swing Winter is Here

Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect golf swing in near winter conditions

Here I am still trying to perfect my perfect golf swing but weather conditions make it very difficult. It is around 50 degrees but it is cloudy and windy and at the beginning, rain.

Oh and to top things off, I go to the course unprepared.

Over the weekend we go to Chicago and come home on Tuesday. I had to empty the trunk of the car to put in suitcases, bedding and presents. So when we get back at late afternoon all we can think of is emptying the car and getting the dirty cloths out and washing them.

On Wednesday morning, just before I am to go golfing, my wife takes my car and runs some errands. She gets back just in time for me to leave and I do that. It is raining at the golf course and the guys are huddled in the bar area waiting out the weather.

The rain stops and we get our carts and go out to the cars to get our bags. Oops! I left my clubs in the garage. I tell the guys I will go home and get them but I will be about half and hour. My golf riding partner says hey, use my clubs. I think and say OK.

His driver is the same as mine used to be before I broke the shaft. It is a Cleveland Launcher 460. The only difference is the grip and it it is 9.5 where mine is a 10.5 degree loft. It has the same shaft mine had before I broke it so it is a chance for me to see if it is my perfect golf swing or the club that is causing me all of my problems.

What are my problems with the perfect golf swing

I have a very difficult issue with my perfect golf swing, I cannot control my driver. With each swing, the club will direct the golf ball in almost any direction except where I want it to go. In critical situations, where I need control for my drive I will use the three metal or even maybe my 2 iron to get me the straight ball flight I want.

It is really tough to put my drives where I want it and it shows. I have been keeping track of my drives in the fairway, balls landing on the greens in regulation, putts and golf score. Like I told you in a previous post I am not hitting the fairways as often as I would like.

By not hitting the fairways and being short compared to past recent history, i am not hitting greens with regularity. So I was interested in using his driver for most of the round to see if I had more, less or the same amount of control.

But, like I said, it is cold, rainy, cloudy and windy. A perfect golf swing day for being outdoors golfing. Not!

So what are my results with the perfect golf swing

I am using his driver with my perfect golf swing and the short back swing for control and hit the first five fairways I use his driver on. In fact, I have almost absolute control over where the ball is going until I get to the seventh driving hole where we have a cross wind condition and the ball starts out straight but ends up in the rough behind some trees on the right.

So I am pretty happy with the perfect golf swing drives but he has a large number of wedges that I cannot figure out and it costs me about 4 strokes as a result. The two par threes I miss with my irons and end up with bogies there and missed one green with the help from the wind and end up with a double bogie for a 44.

What happens with the perfect golf swing on the back nine

Actually, a pretty good score with the wind and cold. The back continues with the same conditions except it is getting windier and colder. I can hardly feel my hands and when I pull a club out of the bag the grip is freezing cold.

By the way, I have five layers of cloths on and as I lose feeling in my hands I am getting colder. I miss a couple of shots with stone cold hands and find some golf scores are not great. The greens have been aerated and they tell us to use two putts on the green as it is almost impossible to putt accurately.

So we try to make a one putt and if we miss we take the second putt as made. I do have a couple of good holes and play the last three holes on one over par. The 17th hole is the par three peninsula  water hole. We normally use an eight iron here from the blues but I club down to a 4 iron because of the wind.

The ball starts out straight but the wind catches and blows it clear over the water on the right and way short of the green. I end up between the water and the cart path right of the green but a little short. I chip on and two putt for a bogie.

The 16th and 18th holes are wind assisted and I par both. The last hole is a par five and I hit a driver, three metal and a 140 yard 9 iron and two putt for a par.

We play no extra holes but hurry inside to warm up. I end up with another 44 for a total of 88 in the most uncomfortable day of the year for playing golf. My perfect golf swing helps me play fairly well and I am happy with the round.

What is the next mission for my perfect golf swing

I do now know that my driving issues are my driver’s shaft not my perfect golf swing. Or the combo of the club with that shaft. So my mission will be to find a new driver for next season.

I hope we have some better weather conditions between now and December so that I can better groove my swing. So I will see you next week and look forward to any recommendations you can give me for a new driver.

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