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Golf, How to Swing Better then Before

This is golf, how to swing better then before. While eating breakfast this morning, I went over my round from yesterday to see what I could have done better with the perfect golf swing.

Here isĀ  a summary of what I did during my round. Now remember, we play a two man scrambles type format where we take the best shot and both try to hit the next shot to score well.

My partner for yesterday contributed twice during the whole round. Even though we only had 14 putts for nine holes in which he made two and I made two one putts, I could have made all four, they were that easy.

Wait, let me begin with earlier in the day before I got to the golf course. I grabbed 15 balls out of my golf bag and my sand wedge, pitching wedge, nine iron, eight iron and the seven iron. Then I grabbed a piece of my carpet left over from when we had it replaced and went out on my patio to practice my golf swing for chipping.

Last week I went through my videos from Paul Wilson and watched his golf swing on pitch shots and chip shots. So I went to work for about an hour hitting chip shots using all five of those clubs. It wasn’t until about the nine iron I realized I was doing it all wrong. I stopped and began with the new proper chip shot golf swing.

This golf swing is designed to be very similar to hitting a putt about 30 feet. It is a golf swing where you use only your shoulders without any arms or wrists. Your arms are suppose to be straight and not involved in the swing. The swing is generated by the movement of your upper body and shoulders.

I determined that I would hit the ball about 6 paces or about 15 feet using that golf swing. So I would hit 15 balls with each club going from sand wedge to seven iron and then seven iron to sand wedge. I would go out and retrieve the balls and start all over again with each club. I did this twice and it took about an hour. Then I practiced hitting a pitch using my sand wedge for a 20 yard shot. That is about all the room I have in my back yard.

I felt pretty confident after hitting the pitch shots and understood about how to vary the shot by changing the length of my back swing. All in all, I felt better about golf, how to swing better with my short game then I have in a long time. I knew I was going to need everything I had as the guy I was playing with Monday was one of the worst golfers in our league.

So here is a summary of what we did. Out of nine drives we used eight of mine. On the second shots we used all of mine. On pitches and chips we used one of his and eight of mine. On putts we used two of his and 12 of mine. But we missed eight greens in regulation and had to pitch from thirty yards or less three times and chip from 15 feet or less on five occasions.

After all of that we shot a 42. With all of my practice earlier in the day, it paid off on two out of five chips and all three pitches I put within 10 feet from thirty yards or less needing only four putts on those three pitches. On the last hole the pitch finished up just one inch away from the cup for a gimmie bogie and it was counted as a one putt.

One other thing I did when I got to the golf course was to practice lag putts of twenty feet or more. This paid off as we did not have a single three putt green. We only hit two greens in regulation, had one double bogie and five bogies. We also had two pars and one birdie.

I don’t know if I have you all confused but I think I played pretty good and it is just a matter of getting those second shots on the greens or chipping and pitching so that I only have a one putt to finish the holes. Also, 14 putts is darn good for nine holes.

Another long post but listen, I am hitting the ball pretty good and I find my weakness now is trying to kill the ball on my second shot as I am shorter then before. I also have a difficult time with some of my longer shots and I lost my five iron somewhere so I try to compensate on a few shots and hit a harder six iron.

But overall I am playing pretty good and should get better.

We’ll talk more about this tomorrow. Thanks and see ya then.

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