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Great Weekend for Golf, How to Swing Good

What a great weekend to play golf, how to swing good. The weather was beautiful and there was no excuse to not get out try to perfect the perfect golf swing.

Actually that is not true, I don’t know about you but my weekend was so full I never got out to play golf. I did not even swing a golf club. Late Saturday evening we had a fast thunder storm with hail for the first time in about 4 or 5 years. Some cars were damaged by the hail which reached agate marble size and was pushed by 20 to 30 mph winds.

So, in order to provide you with good information, I reviewed some stories about club selection and how the manufacturers can vary the size or mass of club heads. The Japanese and Chinese manufacturers of our golf clubs haveĀ  no specific tolerance on the clubs they make.

A video I just watched showed that three hybrid clubs with a 20 degree loft made by the same manufacturer varied in weight by 5 grams. He further explained that 2 grams equals one swing weight so that when there is five gram variance there will be a three swing weights difference.

That means that if the same shaft is used for each club they will swing much differently.

Even if you are having custom club made it is important that the club you swing and like must then have all of that info transferred to the new club you are having made. Same club head weight, same shaft flex, etc.

But for most of us, we just buy our clubs off the rack. It is important that you try three or four or even five clubs until you find the one that is right for you. Most of the time it is OK to just hit at the driving range but I find I need to use the club on the course to accurately gauge where I am hitting the golf ball.

That means we must be able to return clubs and exchange them for another to try on our next round. Is that even possible? Would you buy a used club and pay full price for it? Not hardly. So do you think the shop you buy your club from will let you return the club? I don’t know so you will have to check with them to see what their policy is in that regards.

What I am trying to tell you is that golf equipment does not follow the same quality control as the auto manufacturers, so you must be careful and get the best club for you. At the very least, try the clubs you are thinking of buying at the shop to see how they feel and if they have a driving range out back then hit some balls to see how the club feels and how the ball travels.

Then you can buy a club that appears to be right for you. This just pisses me off to know that we have clubs that are so loosely made and can vary so widely and be harmful to your game. With the best attempts you buy a club that is suppose to help you play golf, how to swing better and what it will do is not much better then what you have already but you are out $200, $300 or $400.

Oh well. But now you know that there are variances so you can be on the look out for better things for you. You could have the perfect golf swing only to have your golf scores screwed up by the bogus club/clubs you have just purchased.

Good Luck and I will see you tomorrow.

Lou M.

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