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To get the Perfect Golf Swing requires Practice

In order to get the perfect golf swing we must practice practice practice.

The shot I would like you to work on is the chip shot. This is where you find your self close to the green but to far to putt the ball. You want to be able to fly onto the green then roll like a putt.

I have picked out a video from a club pro I have never seen or heard of before. But like many videos on YouTube, there are many golf pros that make a lot of sense. So, just click on the link called “The Chip Shot” and it will take you to YouTube and his video. Enjoy. By the way, when you get done with the video, please come back to read the rest of the post. To get back, all you need to do is click on the left arrow at the top left corner and it will bring you back here.

The Chip Shot

As you have seen in the video, you will place the ball at your back foot big toe. What he does not go on to say is that you will hit the same shot whether you areĀ  20 feet from the pin or 100 feet from the pin. You wonder how that is possible, right?

What you will do is change clubs. Here is the secret. If your chip shot delivers the ball onto the green and the ball lands about 4, 5 or 6 paces away from you then with the sand wedge it will travel the same distance. If you use a pitching wedge to hit the same distance chip then the ball will travel twice as many paces.

So that means using the pitching wedge the ball will roll about 8, 10 or 12 paces depending on whether you hit the ball 4, 5 or 6 paces in the air. If your pace is 3 feet, that means you will chip the ball in the air 12, 15 or 18 feet and when it lands it will go either the same amount rolling with the sand wedge or double the distance rolling with the pitching wedge.

Now, let’s make an assumption. The assumption is you hit a typical chip 5 paces and your pace is 3 feet. You get to the green and your ball is 4 paces off the

green. You walk off the shot to the pin and it is 25 paces or about 75 feet. Let’s continue the logic I just gave you.

Your chip is going to go 5 paces, so that leaves 20 paces the ball must travel on the ground. The sand wedge travels 5 paces or 1 to 1, the pitching wedge travels 10 paces or 2 to 1, now the next club is the 9 iron and it will travel 3 to 1 or 15 paces, then the next club is the 8 iron and it will travel 4 to 1 or 20 paces. Do you see the logic? You can carry that out more if you would like but I think you have the idea.

So you use the same exact swing used for the sand wedge and the ball, on a level green will travel a total of 25 paces with an 8 iron, 5 paces in the air and 20 paces on the ground rolling. If the travel is all up hill, you may have to use the 7 iron as the 8 iron will probably not make it all the way there. Also, if it is all down hill you may use the 9 iron as the 8 iron will travel too far. And that will vary depending on how fast the down hill travel will be.

If you use these ratios, it will not matter how long your pace is as long as you hit to those locations. And it will take lots of practice to understand how the ball travels with your swing. All shoulders with no arms or wrist. The swing is no more than the swing you would use putting a 30 foot putt. So practice that swing with a putter and then use it with a sand wedge first to see how theĀ  ball travels.

One last thing. In the video, he just keeps his hands ahead of the club. The way I was taught was to place the hands so that the grip is out side of your forward leg. Then as you swing you will maintain that hand and club location all through the back swing to the forward swing. The back swing is only about 10 inches for hitting a thirty foot putt.

And as always, take the club back slowly to maintain control. Take two or three practice golf swings before hitting the ball so that you have the feel. You could move up to the ball and close your eyes if you wanted as the swing is the perfect golf swing and is very simple. Remember, you are trying to swing the perfect golf swing not hit the ball.

I hope that all makes perfect sense.

Have a good weekend and be careful as it is suppose to be very hot weather.

See ya Tuesday after golf on Monday.

Lou M.

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