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The Game of Golf and How to Swing The Perfect Golf Swing

This is the game of golf and how to swing the perfect golf swing.

Last night after golf, some of the guys were talking and one mentioned my golf swing. He said that my golf swing was nearly perfect, consistent and each shot was like the last.

Well, I know that is not entirely true but I appreciate the compliment as I have been working really hard to get my golf swing to be where it is at. There is more required but I am working at it and I will work really hard to get better.

Let me begin last night’s round of golf with my drives. I hit 7 excellent drives and two that were long and straight but I had pulled them to the left trying to get more distance. I out drove every one in our foursome on each drive except the par threes but I was good there with my shots.

The main problem I am having right now appears to be my direction with my approach shots to the green and my chipping and my putting.

My approach shots are either short or wide of the green. My direction appears to be off and my shot irons are really high.

So that leaves me off the green but close and my chips are not as good as they were last week. I could not get really close but when I came fairly close I missed my putts. I three putting three greens, just terrible. So with that I could have saved three strokes on my score.

Look, I am hitting the ball great and those other three things will work themselves out.  I want you to know what has made the big difference in my golf swing. It is nearly the perfect golf swing right now.

The first thing is my grip that I am using now has helped me tremendously. See my post from May 15, I think or some where in there, with a video from Paul Wilson. Second, I have a very slow and controlled back swing which allows me to make sure everything is how it is suppose to be. Finally, I am making sure that my hips pull my arms through the forward swing.

These three things make me a much better golfer. Practice and more play time will make those other finesse golf shots get better.

So which ever golf swing you are trying to use to make your swing better, if you have a good golf grip, a slow in control back swing and make sure your hips lead you through the golf swing you will have the perfect golf swing for you.

I hope this has helped and oh by the way I had a 42 last night. With three less putts I would have had a 39. How about those apples. This is only the fifth time out this year and the first time in temperature over 63 degrees. So I was pretty happy and enjoyed the comments from the other guys about my golf swing.

You can do it too. It just takes work and guidance from someone that can teach you a good way to perfect the golf swing.

My wife took today off and wants to play golf, so I will report back about that practice round tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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