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Golf, How to Swing Like I know What I am Doing

Learn to golf, how to swing like you know what you are doing.

I don’t know if you remember but I broke my driver shaft and had it replaced by a well known national chain. I expected something different when I went there with my club but got the minimal amount of service. I was asked a few questions and a shaft was selected by the help and was told that this would work.

I was expecting a review of my golf swing to determine which shaft would be best for me but that is not what I got. But, I was pleased with the time it took and the service for putting on a new shaft to my club and when I tried the newly shafted club it seemed to work ok but I was not hitting the ball as far as I used to.

Well, I have been suffering with the club and thought it was my new golf swing that was causing me a variety of issues. Sometimes I would hit the fairways almost every shot with my driver but I was only hitting the ball about 230 to 240 yards. When I would try to crank it I could get a little more but didn’t know where the ball was going.

Well, Wednesday, I finally played a round of golf with the guys I played in the league with last year. One of these the guys had  suggested the golf chain I went to if I needed new clubs and that I would get fitted professionally. When I told him my story he looked at me like I had three heads. He has never gotten service as badly as that.

He took my driver and tried to use it. He is a person that is a three handicap and hits the ball with a nice smooth swing and usually right down the middle. Well, he swung my driver and the ball sailed right by 20 yards into

the rough and he immediately turned around to me and said that I had the wrong shaft on the club.

So, my next step is to go back to them and see what they will do about my club. I must admit that I can generally hit the fairway with my new controlled golf swing but if I try to get distance out of it I am not sure where it will go. Wednesday and Thursday I played and found that with a nice smooth swing I was very accurate but short on every shot. Therefore I had to chip to the pin but still scored fairly well.

I ended up chipping and putting really well and was pleased but was irratated with my driver distance and the other clubs too. So it was a mixed bag for my satisfaction but I shot in the mid 40’s for both rounds. I was in the fairway most of the time, had four birdies, two double bogies, a few pars and many bogies. I had  bunch of  tap in putts for birdies and pars and had one that I chipped in for a birdie and had no three putts. I’d say I average 15 putts per nine holes.

I guess I could get by with my driver like it is until I decide to buy a new one but it is a shame because I really liked my club like it was. See what a careless moment can cause you. So about all I can say is to make sure you do things properly and do not expect others to bail you out.

Also, if you should go to a professional club maker, make sure you take the time to get exactly what you want and to make sure that there is a return policy if you are not satisfied. Just look at what has happened to me. I am a golfer that hits the ball further then 83 golfers out or 88 in the three leagues I have been playing in but was unsatisfied with my golf scores.

I was looking for the perfect golf swing that would show me how to swing in golf to score well. I wanted a simple golf swing that was repeatable and simple to use and simple to pick up after a winter lay off. I made one mistake and am now floundering around because the stores reps took a short cut and probably made some assumptions about their customer. So I am paying for laziness by the stores sales rep.

I was at fault also as I let them make the decisions for me without hold them responsible. Laziness on my part! Don’t be that way. You are paying for a service and should expect what you pay for.

It is raining and is expected to rain all weekend so I will not post anything until next Tuesday.

In the meantime, please go to The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt and get their free info and then make the decision to purchase. You have nothing to lose as you can get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied. I am using another golf guru as I am fully invested and expect to get to where I want to be by next season. I too purchased The Simple Golf Swing as well as four others and liked The Simple Golf Swing but this is for the hacker that wants to improve his golf swing and score in the 90’s or even the 80’s. Well, I am trying to get to be the best golfer in my leagues and score in the high 30’s (70’s) or low 40’s (low 80’s) and need something a little more which is why I am using something different.

Good luck and get better, I need more competition to help me get better. I am tired of having guys apologize to me before we even start golfing because they are so bad and they think I will get dragged down by them. I want many someones that are good to compete with and golf, how to swing like you know what you are doing. So get better.

See ya next week.
Lou M.

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