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The Perfect Golf Swing Requires a Soft Grip

I finally got it. The Perfect golf swing requires a soft grip with your hands.

With a soft grip of the clubs, golf and how to swing the club easy makes life better.

Yesterday, when I went to the course with my wife, we both took our time and she worked on her golf swing and I worked on my golf swing. I was finally able to swing easily and still hit the ball as far as I was used.

You’ve heard that you are suppose to use a soft pressure grip or a tight pressure grip or a medium pressure grip, but which is right for you?

Well, finally I know.

The light grip allows you to swing easy and still get good golf club speed which results in long distances.

I had a guy playing in my foursome say, “Don’t you get tired of hitting the ball long and down the middle?”. Of course I said, “NO!”.

That tells you what I am doing right now. I am still hitting my irons shorter then I used to and am finally getting the nerve to hit a club that would have normally been really long for me. I am also still having troubles with my chipping and need more practice with that.

I have used my sand wedge to chip and pitch with this year more then I did all last year. My pitching iron used to be my most used club but I am using my sand wedge now and it is hard getting used to it. As a matter of fact, on one hole it cost me four extra stroke because of bad shots. I hit a skull, chili dip, short shot and then long shot. Then I two putted and took an eight but still shot a 46 with the eight. I also had two three putt greens for two extra strokes.

Just imagine if I would have had a normal bogie, it would have been a 43 or a par with a 42. You get the idea. I have a bad hole but had a good round this morning. We got rained on for two holes and got pretty wet but then it never rained again for the rest of the round.

Let’s talk about a nice slow golf swing with a long drive or three metal or any iron.

I have hit some mighty nice golf shots over the last few days.

The main thing is that I swing slowly back and even swing nicely going forward and because my golf grip is very light pressure, I can put extra speed on the club and get fairly long hits. No force just good speed. I am guessing I am swing the golf club at 105 to 110 mph. I hit the ball with a high arc, straight and fairly long. I have clubbed down one club on all my shots and am hitting the fairways and greens much more consistently.

My golf scores are getting better and I am having more fun. One final excuse, I played a nine hole course I have never played before and did not lose a ball. I’m happy!

I am going to put pressure on myself and say that I will be in the thirties in about three weeks. Can you say that?

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