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How To Fit A Club Shaft To the Perfect Golf Swing

What is the process for How to fit a club shaft to the perfect golf swing?

That is what I wanted to know. I thought it would be really scientific and it would take me about 30 minutes with them analyzing the golf swing for speed and strength.

I was wrong. This is the process for getting perfectly fit when you need to get a new shaft for your golf club.

You find the location in the store where you might get measured by swinging the club. You see that the store person is busy with another customer, so you stand there and watch them for a while. In the meantime, a few of his fellow employees walk by and give you a “what the hell did you do to that poor club, you smuck”, look.

So, I finally said to myself, “let’s go somewhere else in the store where there may be a better place to get waited on”.

I look to my left and see where they have all of the golf grips and wonder over to there. I see one of the guys that wondered by me earlier and see that he is measuring the deflection of a shaft and say to myself, “self this is a better place.”

But, I see another guy waiting for this store rep and decide I will not be next but third. Another but goes here because this clerk type person is spending a lot of time discussing important stuff with the first guy. The second guy turns to me and says, “I’ll bet he shoots in the 100’s!”. Well, I think that is a safe beat for customer number two.

Finally, the store person finishes with customer number one and waits on number two. Of course that does not go smoothly and another 10 minutes passes. It is my turn now.

I show him my two pieces and I can hear his brain speaking and I know he is saying, “What a dummy!”. But he says what can I do for you. He then wants to know what kind of golf club shaft do I want. I tell him I don’t want to spend “X” dollars. Do you want a stiff or regular? I say Stiff. What kind he says. Now I look at him like he is the dummy.

So I finally say that I hit the ball about 250 on average and when I want more and crank it up, I can get 300 yards. He gives me this “B.S.” look. He then turns to his book and ruffles through the pages and opens onto a page and runs his finger down through the dust and stops and points at a line in the page and says this will will work just fine.

He then ask me what do I think and I say if you say so, that sounds fine. But he says that he will have to go in the back to see if they have any in stock. So I wait and then while I am waiting, clerk number one that was watching the other customer swing his club stops by and ask me if I need some help.

I say to him are you the golf swing expert and he says no we are all equal in our knowledge.

That doesn’t ease my pain at all. Then the guy waiting on me comes back and clerk number two ask him which shaft he is recommending and the first guy points to the undusty line and the second clerk says perfect, that is what I would have recommended.

I said to myself, I would have said the same damn thing to keep from getting involved. Then he leaves and I am stuck with clerk number one who now says, “How long do you want it?”. I say this, “Don’t know, how long is my broken shaft when you put it together?” He then says, “we’ll make it 45 inches.” I say “GREAT!”.

This is getting kind of long and we go through some more dialog about reusing my old grip that has been used maybe a 100 times, the end result is I select another grip for the new shaft and I fill out the paper work and he tells me it should be ready in three days after 4 PM.

Well, so much for getting a scientific fit. I am not sure what I got but I was walking a little more bull-legged and it did hurt when I sat in the drivers seat for my ride home and it cost less than $80. So we shall see what we shall see.

I’ll pick it up Friday and try it over the weekend. I will let you know on Tuesday.

See ya then for more about the perfect golf swing.

Lou M.

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