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Golf Tips on How to Swing in Golf

Here is another of the golf tips on how to swing in golf that I gave you yesterday.

Do you have trouble with alignment? Do you think you are shooting at the flag only to find you are right or left of where you have hit the ball. The following is two golf tips about alignment.

The first one is this simple to follow suggestion to help you hit the ball straight. I have mentioned this before but it is good lesson to repeat. All golf grips have a series of symbols or sometimes only one symbol at the bottom of the grip. One of those symbols is there to line you up so that the club face is square to the ball or if you like, perpendicular to the flight path of the ball.

If you are off by even one degree it is a fraction of an inch, your driver will be off by as much as ten yards over a distance of 220 yards or your wedge will be off by as much as four yards over a 100 yard shot.

The first thing you must do is to check to see if that symbol does line you up to have the club face square to the ball. If not take note or have it replaced by someone who knows what to do when you need a new grip or before if it is a club you use a lot.

Now that you know how your symbol is set up it is time to use it to help you with alignment. If it is perfectly lined up with the ball then you can use it to set your hands to have the club square. Put your thumbs on an imaginary line or even mark a line along the length of the grip and place your thumbs on that line. I do that even though I don’t use my thumbs on the line. I start there and then move my thumbs and then my hands and fingers to where I want my grip to be. But I am square at that point. So I have no excuse to hit offline unless I make mistake number two.

Not having my body aligned with the path of the ball is issue number two. You have two flight paths on every golf swing. You have the path of the ball and you have the parallel alignment left of your body. What I mean by that is your body being a distance away from the ball using whichever club you are using will put your body aligned a distance away from the path of the ball flight.

For an example, you have a driver that is about 45 inches long, your arms are somewhat extended from your body to the grip of the club. You will end up about 38 to 40 inches away from the ball. If you feet are aligned parallel to the flight path, you alignment of the feet will be pointed about ten feet left of the target.

But because of all of the dynamics involved in your golf swing and the flight path of the ball you will be off by as much as 15 feet with a 220 yard drive. So, in order to put the ball where you want it, you must point your body 15 yards left of your target with the driver. Short irons are about 4 yards and long irons are about 10 yards.

To determine that location for your body and feet, go to a driving range and use two clubs. One for the path of the ball. Aim it straight at the target. Take the second club and put it parallel to the first but about 3 feet away (where your toes would be) and then look at where that club is pointing. You will see that it is pointing somewhere to the left of the balls target. This is parallel left.

Therefore, when at the range use these clubs as a guideline to determine where to put your feet that will determine how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing and alignment.

Another way to see where you are aimed is to align yourself, take your right hand for righties and point your finger. Then take your right hand and place it on your bicep of the left arm and point at the location. This should be left of the target by however much is required for the club you have in your hand.

Well, I hope this has enlightened you and will help you align your golf shot. You will see that those adjustments you made earlier where actually you not being aligned perfectly, so you will have to change your golf swing to get back to normal.

Remember, you have about a month or more of golf left unless you are in a warm climate zone. So it is not too late to get help that will last a lifetime. I still believe that the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt is the best and easiest to learn and repeat. So it is the best value and you will have it forever to use as reference on how to swing in golf.

See ya next week with two post, Tuesday and Thursday.

Lou M.

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