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Golf Grips Ignored and Misunderstood

 Golf Grips Ignored and Misunderstood

Do you ignore your golf clubs including the golf grips? This golf tip was more for me then for you but I would guess you need this info as much as I do. This post is jammed packed and filled with info about cleaning your grips on the golf clubs. If you like to play tennis, I would guess you can use this information also.

So what have I got here?

I have two articles about cleaning golf grips, the first is a Q & A that people have asked have asked about golf grips and the second article is about “Gripes” a pre-cleaned cloth in a package that are disposable when finished with it.

I have also included two videos that are the same. One about cleaning and the other an advertisement about “Gripes”. So enjoy and get a cup of coffee or some type of drink to enjoy with your reading and videos.

Golf Grips at the 2008 PGA Golf Show

Question: Does the Size or Thickness of a Grip Really Matter?

Answer: Yes, the size or thickness of the grip on your clubs really matters. It can be extremely difficult  consistently decent shots if the grips on your clubs are too large or small for your hands. In this article, you are going to learn all about the grip-handle on your clubs—from size, size related to ball-flight, to type of grip—size related to grip pressure, hand-types, physical disabilities, and hand-placement—and more.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a golfer’s equipment is the grip. Most players are unaware of the various grip sizes available today—from undersized to standard, midsize, to jumbo—and the in between sizes. The in-between could be that a standard size may vary from company to company.  Over the last 30 years and over 100,000 fittings, our statistics show that just over 50% of the golfing population is fit for a standard-size grip. The remaining 40+% are, you might say, “abnormal.”…More at Fitting and F.A.Q. about the Golf Grips |

I hope this article has helped but now I have another article about “Gripes” cleaning disposable clothes.

More Reading…

Video #1


Next is a golf tips video about cleaning you golf grips for your golf clubs.

When cleaning golf club grips, all that’s needed is a wet towel, although a leather grip may need to be cleaned with a leather preservative. Find out why soap or brushes aren’t needed to clean golf club grips with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on golf club grips.


Video #2 is about the “Gripes” cleaning cloths

A video about how to quickly and effectively clean your golf grips to keep them looking and feeling like new.

So it is time to get the clubs out and clean them up including the golf grips while they are not being used to have a great club ready for golf when the season starts.

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