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How to Swing in Golf is to Practice

When you are having problems with your golf swing, learn how to swing in golf with practice.

Today, my wife and I went out golfing. The weather was turning bad so it was going to be the best day of the week until next week. So, we went out and played nine holes.

But before that, I went back online and went through my golf swing lessons from my golf swing guru online. Which now brings us to golf tips number one.

After taking lessons, whether it is someone offline or someone online, you must review what the lesson plans were and practice them again. Why, because you develop bad habits from other people and from the type of golf you may play.

For me the worst golf I can play is a scrambles type golf. Why you say? Because you are always swinging for the fence as they say and you are pressing to get the longest shot or the most perfect shot. The end result is you begin pressing too much and doing things you are trying to stop doing and you are right back to where you were before the lessons.

So, golf tips number one is to review what you were taught during different parts of the season to get back to where you are suppose to be.

That is hard to do but it can be done. A number of people feel it is hard learning the perfect golf swing on line from videos. I say yes it is harder but not hard. And you have videos or even pdf files with pictures to show you what to do.

I say it is hard to learn offline and try to get back to where you were because the pro is not around and you have to pay to go again and then he forgets what he taught you and may give you something slightly different. If that slight alteration makes a difference then it could throw you way off. But when you have it on video or pdf, the perfect golf swing is the same every time you see it and you can get it right back.

So, lesson number two is to use online lesson plans. Plans that are on pdf files with pictures or videos. You can go back as often as you want and you will have them for years and years, unless you blow out your hard drive. But I know you have backed up you hard drive, right?

That was lesson number three, back up your hard drive. A hard drive for those of you that don’t know is only good for three to five years before it goes bad and if you don’t have it backed up it will be lost forever.

I have lesson number four but it is to long so I will give it to you tomorrow.

By the way, I played really well today after reviewing my lessons. Out of seven drives with my driver for golf, I landed in the fairway five times. One bad one was the very first one and I missed the fairway left by 15 feet.

The last one I missed was hole number eight and I missed it right by 10 feet.

I ended shooting a 42. The par threes are doing me in again. I had fours on both of them and my approach shots to the greens were off. They were wide or short and one was long on most of the par fours and fives. I chipped on and two putted for fives or sixes. I only parred three holes and no birdies.

But I was hitting the ball good and did not lose a ball today. Everything was in play but I missed the greens. So it was a more pleasant day with my new found swing.

See ya. Tomorrow will be golf tips number four on how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing.

P.S. Remember, if you want the Simple Golf Swing then use David Nevogt’s lesson series for an easy to learn golf swing. Try it, you have nothing to lose and you will have his pdf and video for posterity if you decide to keep it.

Lou M.

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