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Cannot Learn How To Swing In Golf With Rain

You cannot learn how to swing in golf with rain.

As I feared, the rain continued until mid afternoon so we could not play. So this will be about lessons learned.

This is my primary golf swing tip. I find that I hit the ball much better when I have a nice controlled back swing.

If the back swing is nice and slow then I will do very well thank you. But the minute I speed up to hit the ball “harder” the worse my attempt will be. So the big tip here is to bring the club back to the transition point slowly and in control.

My second golf swing tip is that I need to get more practice with various clubs to provide you with good solid info about golf equipment. But with my experience level real low, it is hard to tell you about my golf swing and what happens to the ball when struck by a different club. Also, which ball is the best for you and me.

So, I have come up with a viable solution. Tell your friends about my site!

If I can get more readers to my site, I can get club builders to sponsor me and let me provide them with good data about certain pieces of golf equipment and how they react with my swing and those of my friends with the balls that we will use.

So in order for them to feel good about me using their clubs and them getting more Internet viewers shopping their sites. I could probably get them to sell you the clubs I use at huge discounts compared to new and maybe even  discounts for new equipment.

So, please tell your friends about my blog and all the things you are learning about how to swing in golf for the perfect golf swing. Let’s make a deal now right now so that you will help me and I will help you.

Sound fair? I think so and if you sign up for my newsletter and get the free report on how to swing in golf using the perfect golf swing from the various golf club makers then I will be able to select a member from my audience to get a free club that the builder will give me or maybe even a box of golf balls.

So you help me and I will help you.

Thanks and I am signing off for this week of useful information. See ya next week.

Lou M.

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