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Another perfect golf swing day

We have only two days until Christmas. This is post number 58 about my golf swing game and how I am trying to improve it.

I didn’t know I had this much to say about golf but I guess I do. I have these posts plus more waiting in the wings and I am learning stuff on a daily basis. I wish I could play now but winter is here, both physically with eight inches of snow on the ground and winter was official on the 21st.

My next post.

The weather has turned spectacular. It is in the high 70’s today and we decide to play another 18 on a resort type course.

I have not played this course in about 22 years. So, I have to consider this as a course I have not played before. I realize it will cost me strokes just because I don’t know the favorable places to land your ball.

But the most important thing is the weather, it’s spectacular. It is October 8th and we are playing in weather temperatures of high 70’s that ends up at 81 degrees. Blue skies, wispy clouds and Buy Levitra Professional a light breeze. I am driving well and hitting my irons pretty good but I am not putting very well. The greens here are very fast. I three putt the first two greens with no problems. As a matter of fact I could have four putted if it had not been for making a 12 foot third putt.

The wind starts to pick up a little and we hit into the wind on the par three third hole. This hole is 168 yards and I decide I would rather be in front then behind, so I use my seven iron and land about twenty yards short, chip on and another bogie. Well, I end up with a 43 on the front and a 46 on the back.

I realize that I do not have the stamina that I used to have and the last three holes were really a chore to finish. I have run out of gas but I hit a spectacular second shot on the 18th hole. My drive left me at 220 yards from the hole, so I pull out my two iron and hit a rope with a nice arc that lands me just in front of the green my ball bounces and rolls over the green to the back edge in long grass.

I chip out and two putt for another five and end the second nine. I don’t care if it was 89 as I played really well. This just reinforces my notion that I will not be a 70’s shooter. But if I can maintain low forties with low 80’s then I will be a happy camper.

Here is a video about alignment and how to aim your golf swing,
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The weather over the weekend is suppose to be even better and my wife wants to play.

Next post is my nine hole round with my wife.

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