About Me

Hi, my name is Lou Martiniano. My quest is to learn how to swing in golf and learn the perfect golf swing.

I live in southeast Michigan in a suburb between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

I am an avid golf nut. I was away from the sport for about 12 years, played golf about 30 times in that 12 years and decided that I now had the time and money to get back into it.

I was a 4 handicap for 18 holes 15 years ago and as a result of not playing very much I was relegated to a 32 handicap for 18 holes when I started back into golf about two years ago.

I was a hack and needed to do something about it. I played two seasons like that and got the bug again but I disliked being a hack.

I am on the quest to become a good golfer again. I am trying to develop the perfect golf swing, hence the title of this blog.

I will provide information about my progress to becoming a much better golfer with the help of tutorials from golf instructors on the Internet and let you know which is best and which is not.

So I hope you will follow this blog as I learn how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing and provide golf tips to my readers.

Thanks and good luck to both of us to get the perfect golf swing.

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