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A New Driver and Golf Grips for Good Golf Scores

Golf Scores – First I want to tell you that most of these events occurred previously and the tails about my current golfing scores have been occurring over the summer. It is October as I post these but the current events happened June, July, August and September of 2010.

If you are just now starting to read my blog I would advise that you go to the beginning and read back up to current so that you understand how life got in front of golf and what led to the loss of my golf swing and how I am getting it back.

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I want better golf scores but…

Getting my own driver is harder than I thought.

It turns out that the driver I am using is a few years old and new parts to make a new club are hard to find.

He tells me he can make me a new one that will be the same but different or I can have another type that is a different brand but is pretty much the same.

I cry in my beer, “Why can’t I just get one like this?”. He turns to me and says, “well you hit that one pretty good, do you want to buy it?”. I perk up and say “How Much?” and he says $75 and I, with no hesitation, say “sold”. The grip is worn and it has some wear marks on the shaft but it gives it some character. I go to a golf store and buy two of the latest and greatest golf grips and pay $9 each for them and he puts one on the driver. I have gotten my club back but as of this date I have not tried it yet.

Knowing Best online prescription now that golf grips do not last too long, I look at my three metal golf grip and say hey about installing 5 mg paxil a new grip for it. He says sure and and I have the other grip I got and use it for the three metal and he puts it on for me. So I have two clubs with new grips on them. But I am way ahead of my story. I must digress and tell you more about my experiences with my driver, and other clubs. Also I must talk about pitching, chipping and putting.

Next post is about my work to become a better golfer by having good golf scores.

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