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A Great Day to Play at How To Swing in Golf

What a great day it was to play at how to swing in golf.

The weather was absolutely perfect for most of the day and I played golf twice. I went and played nine holes with my wife and then the league finale was a four man scrambles for nine holes. I believe the winner was five under par but who really cares.

Personally, I did not play that great. Early in the day I went out with my wife.

I decided I had enough of practice and played strictly for golf score. I started out badly with a two over seven on the first hole but ended the round with a 43 with a bunch of pars.

In the league play, we ended with two under but had a great time. I played with three guys I had not golfed with before last night and enjoyed their company and their competitiveness. We could not have done any better. It was what it was and that’s all. No body won anything and some of them did not finish at all as it was dark.

I was lucky. I got there early and was put in the first group following the woman’s league. They usually zip right along but we did take almost 2.5 hours to play which caused the others behind to finish in the dark. Our groups on the back nine followed the slow poke mens league filled with ex-baseball players who suck and are slow.

Those fellows from our group that followed the ex-players did not finishing the last two holes. So it was just for fun for most of us and too bad for a few others.

The golf course has been gracious enough to allow us to play two or three weeks more for free because of all the issues we have had all season with rain and slow play. There have been many nights when following those turkeys that our groups have been on the course for 3 to 3.5 hours for nine holes. This is ridiculous. I know as I have been behind these goofs.

Anyway, it was a good night for many of us and we had fun playing in this scrambles.

The only golf tip I have for today is that next season when you are playing in your golf league, make sure you are there to tee off on time so that the golfers who follow you get done in a reasonable amount of time. To be on the golf course for a longer than normal amount of time is not fun and makes life on the course miserable.

And any jerk that says it is ok just being on the course for that long, just doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. That is why I stopped playing in outings that have shotgun starts. It takes too long. It is not unusual to play 18 holes in 6 hours. Just terrible!

The reason it takes so long is that the course will pack 144 golfers on 18 holes to get the most money out of the outing as they can. And typically, there are many golfers that are playing for the first or second time of the year and are having fun and drinking too much and could care less about golf or any one else on the golf course.

Wow, I started this out talking about a good time and ended in a rant. Sorry about that. I am surely preaching to the choir and not the idiots. I am going to continue posting on my blog with more tips and tricks to help you get better at your game. But I think it will only be twice per week and when winter shows up it will probably go down to once per week.

For the rest of this week though, I will post twice more like normal and then drop to twice per week next week.

I am going to try and spend a little more time on equipment and some more on how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. I need more work on my attitude and try to slow down my swing. I still try to swing to hard and it gets me in trouble more that I thought it would.

I need to get into the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt and try and simplify my golf swing. I love the easy swing of Paul Wilson but I am not hitting the ball like I used to so the golf swing goes to hell to often to be of any good. It has been a frustrating year and I thought I would be a huge success with the new golf swing but I have not.

Now that I have spent the season with it I know what is good and bad and easy or complex and will spend the winter trying to get the perfect the golf swing.

See ya tomorrow for more golf tips.

Lou M.

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