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Golf Swing Tips – How to Watch Videos to Learn


This article about golf swing tips is right on the money. There are so many videos and blogs as well as newspapers and magazines that will tell you exactly how to develop the perfect golf swing but only if you do this or do that or do any combination of things.

If you have been following my blog posts for any length of time you will know that I have stated this many times over the years that I have been posting.

I think the only one that has not posted or done a video is Tiger himself but there are plenty of others that have analyzed his swing from top to bottom to show you what the perfect golf swing looks like.

But, even Tiger’s golf swing is not perfect based on the number of bogies he has a ¬†with the rounds he has not made the cut. He has won some significant events over the early part of the season so his golf swing is pretty darn good but perfect? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article.

There are many different Golf instruction videos on the market. There are videos being offered by PGA professional instructors and leading world class players. You can find golf instruction videos that cover every aspect of the game, from curing a slice to putting.

The problem is, that very few people can claim that their games improved because of a golf instruction video.

Here are 3 golf tips to help you get the most from a golf instruction video….More at Golf swing tips | Upland Golf Club

As a result of the last item which was just touched upon I have included a video for more information about golf swing exercise. And like the articles states there are a wide variety of videos to show you how to exercise. I looked at five and chose this one as I just like the way it was set up and the info was very minimal. He just gave the basics.

This golf fitness routine features 4 great golf specific exercises to increase your rotation during the golf swing. Separating out the upper and lower body can assist your ability to generate power for longer drives….

These 4 golf specific exercises will demand that key separation of the upper and lower body but will also force focus on stability, an important factor to hitting quality golf shots. Try to perform 10-15 reps of each exercise on each side several times this week to increase your rotary function for your next round of golf.

To check out more great Golf Fitness Tips and Exercises go to

This golf swing tips is all about reviewing what you see and make sure it is ok for you.

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