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Golf Swing Tips – The Best 10 Swing Tips

I really love this golf swing tips article as it has the best 10 swing tips to help your game using pictures, drills and suggestions that will make sure you get better and or reduce or stop doing dumb things.

An Article from Golf Tips Magazine

By now, you’ve probably heard every tip in the book, right? I know I have, and I’m even guilty of repeating myself a few times! Fact is, some tips deserve to be repeated because they work, they’re easy to understand and they, hopefully, lend lasting improvements. In this article, I’ve taken 10 of my favorite tips through the years and assembled what I think are a handful of tips that most likely, you’ve never tried. Some old, some new, all good for your game…Golf Tips Magazine

If you have any comments, please feel free to put them done and if you have any questions put them in the comment section and I will answer then or find the answer for you.

A new Video from Golf Tips Magazine

This one is showing us how to hook, slice and hit a straight ball on purpose and how to practice doing it so it comes naturally using all of your clubs.

I really like this as I cannot hit a hook or slice on purpose to save my life. I can only hit the ball straight and if I go right or left I have done something wrong. So if I practice this I should know how to do it and if I do it when I am not expecting it I can determine what I did wrong.

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