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Golf Swing Tips: Improve Your Swing and Speed


Your golf swing tips for today are to learn how to improve your golf swing and your

365:4:20 Golfer Tomgolf swing speed performance. You must be able to swing easily and still increase you golf swing speed.

In one of yesterday’s blog post I started to talk about how to get better but I never did finish that thought completely so if you don’t mind I think I will do that today.

I will do that after the article as I would prefer that they get their article read first.

The teacher will certainly saturate an individual with some other swing action tips, also easy methods to improve your golf swing speed. Just because a newbie is normally swamped along with mind-boggling suggestions, this post is meant to give a summarized version of the most effective suggestions within enhancing the golf swing.

Use the 3-Point Verify

The particular 3-point examine is probably the traditional swing movement suggestions that assist you presume the appropriate healthy posture. Correct position is very important within reaching superb shifts. You can exercise the 3-point check in front with the mirror.

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There are many different ways to swing a golf club and everyone that has a golf swing has a tip on how to get better. When I was younger I used to take golf lessons at the beginning of the season and then start the season with using only my irons. I would not use a wood until about three weeks into the season. It only made a difference of about 3 strokes for 18 holes.

When I was lucky enough to be invited to country clubs to golf with the member, I sometimes received golf lessons from the pro at the country club but the thing that really made me get better was not all of the lessons as each one had a different way of teaching and each one wanted me to do something different.

I would accommodate that pro and then go about my golf swing by myself. My primary concern was to get rid of any bad habits I had picked up over the previous season of golf. You know how that happens when you play with a bunch of different people, you get caught up in someone else’s golf swing.

I have strayed again. I was a 4 handicap back then and the reason I was a four was because I played a lot of golf. When I played at country clubs we would hit the practice range first and then play 18 or sometimes even 36 holes.

Playing a lot of golf has a tendency to groove your swing. If you are still a bad golf after playing about 54 holes a week then there is something wrong with you. I have a golf buddy that shoots in the low 70’s. I asked him if he has taken many golf lessons and he told me that he has not had a lesson in over 20 years.

I asked him if he has ever had a year when he has played less then 50 rounds of golf and he said no. He then told me that there are a number of seasons where he has not played less then 80 rounds of golf in a season. He said he normally plays about 36 to 45 holes a week every week during the spring, summer and fall and there are many times he will go to Florida and play three or four rounds of golf each week while on vacation there during the winter.

Then we hear about the pros who hit about 1,000 golf balls a week in practice at a range plus they will play 5 to 6 rounds of 18 holes per week. So it is no wonder that the pros have very different golf swings as they have each learned from someone else on how to swing a golf club.

So my point is that you can have a rather different golf swing and still be very good as you repeat the golf swing you have over and over again until it is groove and you can play exceptionally well.

Therefore, if you want to be better then average, play a lot of golf using a very basic golf swing and forget about all of these instructors that want to teach you their method of the perfect golf swing.

If you play once per week in a golf league and hope to get better by taking one lesson or buying a new driver or new clubs or new putter, “forgetta bout it.”

You are going to be a hack for all of your life unless you begin to play lots of golf.

What about the retirees that play five days a week and hits the ball about 170 yards down the middle and scores in the mid 70’s or low 80’s for 18 holes, how does that happen. It happens by playing a lot.

So my golf swing tips for today is to get to be a good golfer you have to play a lot. A lot means more than the average league hack.

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