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Golf Tips How To Get Ready For Golf

Golf Tips for the winter to practice before the season starts. We have just ended winter and we are now in spring so it is time to think about getting ready to play golf.

You have been sitting around for most of the winter and need to get those muscles ready for golf. So here is an article from one of my two favorite guys doing golf instruction and golf tips Paul Wilson. I have provided a link to the article to get to his web site but in case you get lost it is at . In case you don’t know Paul here is a picture at the right.


How To Practice Your Golf Game In The Winter

November 7, 2011 |

Now that the cold weather is upon us, it doesn’t mean that you should hang up the clubs. Sure, you may not be able to play very often but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep working on your game. Here are a few tips so you don’t have to re-learn the game once the spring rolls around.


A great swing starts with a great grip. Learning the proper neutral grip can be very uncomfortable. The easiest way to work on it is while your watching your favorite TV show. Before the show starts, take a practice club (preferably with a training grip on it) and place your hands on in perfect position. While you are watching, you will be concentrating more on the TV show than your grip. As a commercial comes on, take your grip off. Once the show starts again, re-place your hands on the club again. Because you are watching TV, you won’t be thinking about how uncomfortable it is to learn the proper grip. If you keep doing this regularly throughout the winter, you will have the proper neutral grip mastered as the new season rolls around…from Paul Wilson Golf

The article and the way Paul Wilson teaches is a mixed bag. He has some very good tips including this video. But I found his actual golf swing to complex and something I could not master. With the following video he is taking a quote from Ernie Els and demonstrate how to swing like Ernie is telling the interviewer.

You will see how Paul and Ernie swing the golf club and this is a combo golf tips lesson for today.

Learn how to get ready for the beginning of the season and how to learn how to swing easy to perfect the golf swing. I hope you have enjoyed them.

From Lou M.
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