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Golf Tips About Chip Ratios

Here are more golf tips about how to use your chipping irons around the green. I have mentioned to you how Paul Wilson has his golf swing dialed in to hit pitch shots from 100 yards and in but this one is really one of my favorites as it is so easy to learn and figure out.

This teaching strategy he teaches is to use various clubs for chipping around the green depending on how far you have to go with the shot.

Now, if you have been playing for any length of time you can pretty much guesstimate how far your ball is off the green. For an example you have hit just short and your guess is you are about 10 feet off the green. Your next estimate is how far away is the pin from your location. That guess would be that your ball is about 30 feet away from the pin.

You will learn in more detail from Paul that it will equate to the number of paces you have for both. You are about 4 paces off the green and one more to about 2.5 feet for the next pace. You are 5 paces from your ball to one pace onto the green. From that first pace onto the green you step off to the pin and find you ate about 15 paces to the pin.

You will learn from Paul that you are at a three to one ratio. You have brought your pitching wedge, 9 iron and 8 iron. Your 9 iron is 3 to 1 ratio so you will use the 9 iron to chip.

Again you will learn more from Paul but I love this as it takes all of the guess work out of using the clubs. Also make sure you listen all the way to the end as he also tells you what to do with up hill shots and down hill shots.

If you can find the video he did on using clubs from 100 yards and in it is well worth the time. If not I will try to find it and provide it for you.

So without further ado, here is the video.

Well, what did I tell you about this golf tips video. Spectacular right. Now you can see why I like Paul Wilson. He was with Revolution Golf but apparently has split away from them so he is on his own. I would hope he made some money from the split but who knows, I sure don’t.

Actually the site was started by Don Trahan and his son DJ Trahan and sold to Revolution Golf featuring Paul but now they have golf tips from a lot of different people plus exercises and other things. I bought the Trahan stuff originally, then I bought into the Paul Wilson stuff and then I bought into a VIP membership for life. So I still get a lot of info, some very good and others not so good as I am into the Symple Swing for my golf swing.

So that is my golf tips for this post. Hope you enjoyed.

From Lou M.
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