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Golf Swing Tips and Drills

Today is a fun day for the golf swing tips for you to see what we can teach you about a lot of different things. Most of the tips are abo0ut the back swing and how to keep your club inside so that you don’t slice the balls any more and how to get more speed out of your swing.

Then we are going to show you the various take-aways, then we will follow up with club position.

Finally we will let you see how a professional golfer wows the crowds and fellow golfers. He has a golf swing like you will never have. so just watch and enjoy.

I may get these out of order but what the heck they are just for your viewing pleasure. Like I told you in the last post, you cannot get any better watching these post and playing once per week in your league so don’t frustrate yourself, just go with the flow.

This is a Takeaway
video that shows
you the various types
of takeaways.
He acknowledges that the takeaway is
not very important so not to worry.
This is from Dr. Jim Suttie

This next video is strictly about golf tempo and is only 12 seconds long so watch closely. Note the audio got out of sync with the video after the second swing on youtube which screws up the demonstration, but pay attention to the first swing or two and you’ll get the idea***

This is a 5-iron swing from the model pro from the EXCELLENT book SWING LIKE A PRO (…sync’d with the 24/8 timing from the book TOUR TEMPO. Both the model pro and the 24/8 tempo have been developed/verified by study of 100+ PGA pros.

1st beep-take away, 2nd beep-transition, 3rd beep-impact.

Check out the reviews on these two books at amazon and read them if you want to improve your golf game. ADDENDUM…also check out THE IMPACT ZONE. Also google
This third video is about finding

more golf swing speed.
Now we just saw a video about
tempo and it is
said that even though
Fred Couples swing real
easy his tempo is fatter
then your back swing.

This fourth video is to
help you stop going over
the top with you forward
swing which causes you to
cut across the ball and slice
badly to the right. He provides
a two drills to overcome that issue.

This fifth video
probably should
have been some where up front but
what the heck, you’ll the the idea It is the
positions of the back swing and what it
should look like.
Have fun with this one also.

This final video is just for the fun of it. Like I said up front you will never be able to swing like this professional golfer does but you can only admire the way he does it. So just enjoy the swing and the analysis of the swing by the broadcasters.

I liked putting together these golf swing tips for your enjoyment. Use them or just enjoy them. Remember, if you only golf once per week in your league, you’re lost.

From Lou M.
The Perfect Golf Swing Tips Blog

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