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Golf Tips How to Select a Putter


Golf Tips How to select a putter

With the vast number of putters available, what golf tips should we use to select a putter for us. The following is an article from George Conner at the Golf Channel.

Golf has gotten highly technical, hasn’t it?

We have GPS or lasers to measure our distance to targets. Anyone buying a new driver will optimize their head type and shaft on a radar machine. Irons are custom fit to the player and wedges are often “gap fitted” using launch monitors.

But once it comes to putting, technology gets pushed aside by many.

Golfers buy their putter, the club used more than any other in the bag, based on looks or popularity. Being fitted for a putter, however, is every bit as important as any other club in your bag….More at Putter Fitting Tips – Golf Channel

Next is a golf tips video to help

This first one I like the best as it gives you and me information that is very relevant to us about selection of putters.  Personally I did not know how to select a putter. As a matter of fact I bought my wife a putter for her Christmas present and she has barely touched it so I don’t know if she likes it or not. She says it’s OK but I think I should have bought it with her instead. We’ll see.

What putter should I be using is brought to you by Niall McGill gives you advice on how to select the perfect putter for your game.

I decided to just give you this video as Niall provides a good presentation on how to select a putter.

I hope you enjoyed this golf tips selection for your viewing pleasure.

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