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Golf tips How to Avoid Injuries


Golf Tips How to Avoid Injuries

My golf tips to you. When the season starts will you be ready to play. Even seasoned pros are not ready to play unless they have done some exercising to be prepared.

I use the National Hockey League as a prime example. When the season finally started, most of the players were not prepared. Even those that played overseas. You can go to any team and count their injuries on not one hand but two. They did not train properly during the off season so when they began playing after an abreiviated training season they were not ready.

As the cold weather begins to subside, golfers are going to begin at the driving ranges and get a large bucket of golf balls and strain some muscles while the others are not going to train or exercise or even stretch to loosen muscles.

Well I have a golf tips article for you about exercising and a great video after the article. So enjoy and use some of the stuff they are talking about and get ready for golf.

As the cold air breaks this week and returns to nicer golf weather, the courses will be filled with eager golfers looking to take advantage.  But what can you do to avoid that dreaded injury that could sideline you during golf’s busiest and nicest season?  Further, what easy exercises can you do to strengthen your game?
Being in the best shape of her life at the time of her injury prevented Erica from a more serious injury, which would have affected her goal of qualifying for the U.S. Amateur this summer….More at Improve your Golf Swing and Avoid Injury With These Helpful Tips
Your Video

This video has three breaks in it that 10 seconds in length so don’t turn it off during those breaks. The video is about 22 minutes long. Enjoy

Here is the video from the Golf Fitness Academy, Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips answer the following questions with one answer: “What are 10 great exercises for my golf swing? What can I do for lower back pain? What can I do for 10 more yards?”.

I must admit that I have been doing stretching exercises for the last 5 years. I have loved playing all types of sports and as a result I have had many injuries.I am lucky and have not broken any bones but I have had many strains and have twisted my ankles hundreds of times. It seems once you twist an ankle you continue to do so until you stop using them or reinforce them with ankle braces.

As a result I have hurt my back many times also and went to a Chiropractor for a couple of years. He gave me stretching exercises to do and I do them faithfully every day but I am intrigued over these exercises in the article and the video and am willing to try them.
So my golf tips for today is to exercise and avoid injuries to your back, shoulders and muscles.
From Lou M.

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