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Golf Swing Help on the Course

Need help with your golf swing but you are in the middle of a round of golf? What can you do but tough it out right? Wrong!

There is a new App for your iphone, ipad or ipod that can be used in conjunction with a sensor that can be attached to your club that will analyzer your golf swing and give you instant feedback.

But instead of me telling you all about it here is the article and a video to help.

NewSpin Golf – maker of the award-winning SwingSmart golf swing analyzer – won the Product Ingenuity award in the Emerging Companies category during the International Network of Golf (ING) Industry Honors program at last week’s PGA Merchandise Show.

Recognized as one of the best ways for any player to improve on-course performance, SwingSmart features a small (less than 1 oz.) Bluetooth-enabled sensor. This unique device ($249.99) clips to a golf-club shaft and wirelessly communicates with a free app for iPads, iPhones or iPods, presenting detailed, easy-to-interpret analytics on:
* Key Stats – Tempo, swing speed, face angle, angle of attack; info on each and optimization tips provided within the app by world-renowned instructor Peter Kostis
* Path and Plane – “3-D Swing-View” shows 360-degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle
* Putting Results – More than just a full-swing tool, the system provides info on a player’s putting stroke to help them reduce scores on the green
* Personal Best – Data from a golfer’s best swings can be saved…More at American Golfer: SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer Wins ING

I am going to show you two videos, one is the SwingSmart at the PGA Merchandise Show 2013 by Par2Pro. The video is from a vendor at the show doing a preview of the Swing Smart and what you can do with it. This is a great tool and would not be available if it were not for the iphone from Apple. What a great piece of equipment. I must say though it would take a lot of money to have the technology required.

This second video shows the displays and what you will learn from the sensor and the software. Here is Steve Joys description. A description on how Swing Smart Works and the features and benefits to both coaches and players.

Holy Smokes Batman is all I can say, I wish I had a $900 to spend and someone to teach me how to use these Apple devices.

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