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Top 10 Drivers for Your Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

The top 10 drivers for the perfect golf swing

I have selected my driver with an accompanying three metal to accommodate my perfect golf swing. I told you I would let you know which one I selected but first I want you to know which brands were in the running.

There are about 15 different major brands of golf clubs to pick from and another 20 off brands to select. So how do you select.

Also, do you get the club made, or take it off the rack or how do you select?

I think that 90% of us will select a club right off the rack and we will be influenced by our friends or advertisements or even lesser known aquaintances that have made a pick and let you know what they picked.

I tried a more theoretical selection process and allowed my decision to be made by the majorities. And a few who tested the clubs plus when I got down to the last three, I was able to test ride them so to speak. Actually, I was able to hit balls with these clubs.

I am glad I was able to hit balls with my perfect golf swing as it made all the difference in the world.

So here are the top 10 drivers for my perfect golf swing

I have my list, based on seven different resources, are my perfect golf swing top 10 drivers. In no particular order they are;

Taylor Made R11S
Mizuno MP 650
Cobra Long Tom
Titlest 910D3
Adams Speedline Fast 12
Ping G20
Callaway Tour RAZR Fit XTreme
Cleveland  CG Black Tour
Nike VR S Covert Tour
Bridgestone J38

Now your list may be different but these are the ones I selected. Actually there are a large number of Cobra drivers I could have selected also as most lists have two or more Cobra drivers listed.

My first criteria for my list is price. I chose $200 as my max before taxes. Then I went by popularity on the Internet and also by comments made by purchasers. Now my last selection was very simple. The most popular clubs in the $200 price range that seemed to be what people liked the most were the PING , ADAMS and Cleveland.

My current driver with the original shaft was tremendous so I was happy to try the Cleveland also. But I was concerned. Every shop I have been to that takes in clubs as trade ins has a few Cleveland 270’s, 290’s and 310’s. So it makes me think that they are not as good as advertised.

Will my perfect golf swing help me with my selection? We’ll see!

The final selection to go with my perfect golf swing

I went out to their driving range with the three different drivers. I used my perfect golf swing with all clubs being stiff shafts. The first few shots I hit with each driver I could not see where the balls were going.

I had selected 9 or 9.5 degree loft on the clubs as my present club hits them very high and they get no roll as they have very high back spin on them. My present club has a 10.5 degree loft and my swing hits them high any way.

My wife was with me and she said they were all going way right. So I closed the club a little and now they were going way left. So, I opened the face a little bit and I started to hit the ADAMS driver straight. Then I pull out the PING and I was hooking the ball badly. I opened the club a little and still hooked. I opened it a lot more and I was pushing it to the right. Kept adjusting it but could not get it to go straight.

I pulled out the Cleveland and it felt really light compared to the others. I kept pushing that one out to the right until my final adjustment gave me a bad hook. Went back to the ADAMS and it was going straight. That was the one.

I went back in to the sales person and asked about the three metal from ADAMS. He got me one and gave me another bucket of balls to hit the driver and three metal with. I liked both and got them. They were both on sale and I got them for right around $306 total with tax.

My wife had them gift wrapped and put them under the bed. I have not had them out on the local golf range yet so it will be after the first of the year before I get to hit them.

So that is my story about getting my new driver. I have no idea how far I can hit them yet but I will find out. I got a great deal by purchasing them before Thanksgiving and even before Black Friday while there was still a good selection to pick from and still got a great deal.

I have learned that Black Friday and the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas and after is not a great time to shop. Stores just don’t carry the inventory they used to and you cannot get the great deals you want as they run out of merchandise.

So, while you will be still trying to get the deal, I will be practicing with my newly bought driver and three metal from ADAMS. I will get used to the clubs and get my perfect golf swing grooved over the winter and be ready to play in my leagues in top form.

My intent is to use my wiffle balls with a net to practice my golf swing using erasable magic markers to get the swing grooved to hit the sweet spot and then to practice chip shots and putting. With these things grooved I expect a great year for my handicap.

I am going to practice my putting using the Symple Golf method but I will have to have a putter cut down to a shorter size and a new grip put on it. With this new method I should be a great putter for the first time in my life. I have always sucked at putting using mostly conventional methods so this new method I hope will work. I need to cut down a putter that I don’t use, if I can find one or maybe buy a cheap used one some where.

So to finalize this post on my blog. I hope you will pick one of the Simple golf swing methods that I have told you about. I love my new perfect golf swing and I think I can have it ready for spring golf with great results. I cannot say enough good thing about this golf swing. It is easy to learn, repeatable and easy to use. It is a little different and it will work on the full swing, chips and putts.

There are a few things that need fixing that it does not address but I can help with that with the help of the many golf swing tutorials I have purchased. There is one that shows how to use the wedge and sand wedge for the various chipping distances that I can show you. Another shows how to select and practice various chips around the greens. And there is another that helps get more distance with your swing which I can help you with.

So get the Simple Golf Swing by Symple Golf, I make a few dollars with your purchase and I will help you with the other parts of your golf game to make you perfect. Just go to my sign-in page by using this link here now.  It will take you to the sales page  for your review. You can get a three DVD set for the swing and chipping and if you want to learn their putting style it is another purchase DVD disc. What ever the cost, which is fairly cheap, it is well worth it.

See ya again with more post about equipment. After the first of the year we will discuss practice.


Lou M.

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