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Define the Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

How do you define the perfect golf swing

I was thinking ab0ut writing an article about the golf swing but I will write an article here about the perfect golf swing. They end up being the same thing as there are as many different types of the perfect golf swing as there are of the golf swing.

I decided to go to the Google Keyword Tool to look up the keyword Golf Swing to see how many different variations there are and I was totally amazed. I really shouldn’t be as I have purchased eight different variations of the perfect golf swing.

To many of my followers, you know that I have spent over $600 on these 8 different versions of the perfect golf swing to find the right one for you and me to learn how to use easily, be able to retain and easy to pick up next season for us that live in the north.

Each has it’s own version of the perfect golf swing. I then went through the list for more versions and was totally blown away by the different versions.

What were these versions of the perfect golf swing

As I was going through the list of types of perfect golf swing I saw very famous names. It seems that almost every teaching pro or PGA pro, that is either retired or even active has a tutorial about how you to can have the perfect golf swing.

Now, in all fairness to many of these instructors, they just want you to learn their method and have found a way to get their word out to the masses. If you think that you have the best way to swing at a golf ball and hit it down the middle 500 yards with a simple little golf swing, wouldn’t you want to tell as many people as possible?

Well, that is what each of these very successful people are trying to do. Teach you their way of swinging a golf club at a golf ball the way that they do it. They hit the balls with a fade, or a slice or a draw or a hook or straight down the middle or a punch shot into the wind or any number of different things that they do to a golf ball that we have no idea how to do it but by using their version of the perfect golf swing they can show us.

What can we learn using their perfect golf swing

What I have learned trying to learn their version of the perfect golf swing is it is very hard to do that unless you want to hit 100 to 200 golf balls daily with their instructions being played to you will you hit the golf balls.

You cannot watch a video, visualize it and then go out and play using their method perfectly. You have to practice and practice a lot over a two to three month period to learn their technique to become a pretty good golfer.

And if you did not realize it you will be spending lots of time learning along with lots of money. Even if you are able to find a local pro that will teach you his version of the perfect golf swing, it will take you a series of lessons at a considerable cost and lots of practice at even more cost to become a fairly good golfer.

What is a fairly good golfer you say? It is someone that will beat most of their friends on the golf course and earn the respect and admiration of their golf friends. Maybe even a few extra dollars off them also.

You would have a good golf swing not a perfect golf swing.

Why the limit of the perfect golf swing

You cannot get the perfect golf swing as their is no such thing. There may be a perfect golf swing you and your limitations but it will not hold up to the various perfect golf swings that the pros have.

Watch them play golf and look at their golf swings. See how much they vary from golfer to golfer. There are about a dozen of the new crop that have very similar golf swings but if you really look closely you will find that they even have a difference to each others swings. Some are very minute but they are different and they look like a perfect golf swing for them.

So what can we do to get our perfect golf swing

Like I have said, I have spent over $600 trying to find the perfect golf swing to share with you. I believe I have found the right golf swing that will make life very easy for you.

The golf swing is very easy to learn. It takes a little practice to get it near right but you can use it all season to get better using this golf swing. It is easy to begin the new season as you have a few easy steps to use and there are DVD’s with the package that can be reviewed very easily.

So you can start a new season with your perfect golf swing and get a jump on your friends that have done nothing over the winter or even early spring.

I have become an expert at various forms of the perfect golf swing and believe I have selected the best of the litter. If you want to learn what that is right away then click on my link HERE and go to my sign up page for my newsletter and it will give you instant access to what I believe is your perfect golf swing. Easy to learn, easy to practice and keep you on the straight and narrow for better scores.

So please sign up now and get access to your perfect golf swing.

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