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Practice Makes For a Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

Practice makes the perfect golf swing

Well, after three perfect fall days, I noticed the perfect golf swing parts. I tried many things that make up the golf swing only to find that I was missing some parts of the perfect part.

On Monday of this week, my wife and I went out to golf. For her it was just getting out and having a wonderful time. For me it was just to try some things I don’t get to try very often and enjoy being outside after a couple of weeks of near freezing temperatures.

I put my driver away on Monday and used my three metal on almost every drive. I hit some very good shots and then I hit some very bad shots. I tried some weird variations of the golf swing to try and get the perfect golf swing near perfect.

More experimentation with the perfect golf swing

On Tuesday we went out and played another nine holes using the perfect golf swing and I decided with the cooler weather, today it went up to 60 degrees, that I was going to have to play a club or more longer. There were exceptions of course and how do you figure this stuff out.

We played at a different golf course which we don’t normally play and I played really well. I shot a 41 with one do over that I did not count. I used my driver on three holes and did a lot of different shots with my other clubs.

There were a few holes that were short par fours so I used a two or a three iron to drive with on those holes and ended up with pars on both. So it is not necessary to use the driver all of the time.

So I was trying to groove the perfect golf swing using many different clubs thatĀ  don’t get to use very often.

My third day in a row using my perfect golf swing

Well here I am using my perfect golf swing on my third straight day. With the forecast of high 30’s and low 40’s for next week, I decided this would be my final round of the season unless we reach a very unusually warm day.

So my intention was to play my very best. I was short on almost every shot and I could not make a putt to save my life so I shot a 43 on the front nine. On the back nine, I pulled my driver back out and started clubbing down with all of my shots and also two putted every green except two one putts and shot a 41 on the back.

A very nice 84 on a great spring like day. My perfect golf swing was really good and I was very accurate but some times short. My chip shots were pretty good which got me those two one putts.

I figured out my perfect golf swing driver

We went to our local two store chain golf shop to practice my perfect golf swing with four different drivers and a three wood. Success, I found a driver and a three metal that I really like. I could not tell what the distance was and my wife made theĀ  sales person wrap it up for my Christmas present so I won’t know how good it is until next season.

Rather then just tell you what I got I am going to tease you for the remainder of the year. It will give me something to talk about and get you interested in the clubs that I will try and compare.

Anyway, today is Black Friday and we went shopping for Christmas presents for our family. While I am typing this I am watching the snow fly. It is too warm to accumulate but I was reminded that just two days ago it was 65 degrees and we played golf in regular clothing and yesterday we were outside during portions of Thanksgiving day celebrating a very wonderful year. It was also 65 degrees.

Today the high for the day was the overnight low. The temperature will continue to drop for the day and the weekend so I am going to bundle up and try to stay warm.

Over the winter I am going to practice putting and grooving my perfect golf swing with my driver and three metal. I am going to aim for an average of right around 40 with the two leagues I will be playing.

That will mean I want to hit balls but I think it will be wiffle balls into a net using my clubs and erasable makers putting marks on the ball to see where I am hitting the ball on the club face. Oh, Oh I have given you a new secret I am going to use to learn where to address the ball to know where I will be hitting the club face with the ball. Very important to do.

I will tell you more about it after the first of the year when I begin to practice. For the remainder of the year I will discuss golf equipment, golf balls and golf swings.

So I will see ya next week with more info.

Yours Truly,

Lou M.

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