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The Perfect Golf Swing Driver

Perfect Golf Swing

I need a perfect golf swing driver

I have been working very hard, sometimes to the detriment of my perfect golf swing, to get better. I have been using the same clubs I bought 23 years ago as my swing hasn’t deserved a new set of clubs.

But, my driver has been a major disappointment since I broke the original shaft that I feel in love with. I cannot drive the ball like I used to. I am all over the place and in order to hit it down the middle, I have to very specific about the location of the ball in my stance for fore aft and for in out.

I also need to have the face of the club in a very specific open/closed position. All of this means that I cannot control my drives like I want to, even with my perfect golf swing.

What to do for the perfect golf swing driver

I have been looking for the perfect golf swing driver online and offline. I have not spent too much time offline yet until I can find one, two or three final choices online. Does anyone have a suggestion about which driver and shaft would make the perfect club.

I have been to some of the golf equipment web sites including Amazon and I am more confused then ever. Why, you say. Easy, when you go to each one and inquire about a driver, the responses to the site are all fantastic and the recommendation is to buy this club as it will keep you on the fairway and give you 15 to 20 yards more distance. Oh and what a great club!

You’ve seen these I am sure. So how can all of these clubs be the perfect golf swing club for you or me or anyone else. I know that when I got the club I am currently using, I was offered the opportunity to try 9 different drivers and my driver turned out to be the one. It was by far the best out of 7 of those drivers and was very close to one other.

So you see, if I just go out and buy another club based on a recommendation then I am shorting myself as are you if you do the same. You have to try the club and see how it reacts to your golf swing.

I started out hitting this club a solid 270 yards and in many instances I was hitting much further. But since I broke the shaft, it has not been the same. The shaft I had is not made anymore and I just can’t get the same feel with other shafts on my club.

So the perfect golf swing still depends on equipment. I guess I should be happy with my 220 yard drives but I just can’t and as a result I have a tendency to over swing trying to reach the glory of yesteryear.

What can my perfect golf swing use

I have also been wondering if I should still to use a stiff shaft with my perfect golf swing or should I use a regular flex shaft or even a senior flex shaft. I just don’t know and the experts I have been to kind of disappoint me as it seems the sale and get on to the next customer is more important then taking care of the customer in front of them.

This first video is good information about golf shafts and the effect they have on our drives. Enjoy and if you are in Oklahoma, stop in and say hi.


This next video is a comparison of many of the best clubs by a guy that hits left handed and has swing speed of 124 mph. I am not sure if that would be a good comparison for us that swing the club at 100 mph or less. But I must say it is interesting and should give you an idea of which club performs best.


I hope these have been of some help. If you want more videos just go to YouTube and ask for “driver golf club” or anything else you want to look up. That includes perfect golf swing or just golf swing and any golf equipment.

This last video has now given me an idea of which clubs to try out and see how they perform for me.

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