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The Perfect Golf Swing Complaint

Perfect Golf Swing

My Perfect Golf Swing and a complaint

Here I am, it’s a glorious Friday morning, I am thinking about my perfect golf swing but I am sitting in this great 25th floor room with ceiling to floor windows looking out onto Michigan Avenue, “The Magnificant Mile”, in Chicago, Illinois.

What can I be complaining about today. Nothing but I do have a complaint about how people play golf.

I want to preface this with I have no complaints about where I am at and why I am here. My complaint is more about golfers and their toys.

I am very lucking in that I have been very successful in my life and hang around with people that are successful also. As a result, many of these people have bought almost every man-toy that is desired.

Well that continues today and men are still buying toys and like playing with them even when it is not necessary.

When they do that it takes them longer to play a round of golf whereas many of us like to play faster. Especially when you have the perfect golf swing and my golf scores are getting better and better.

What is my complaint while using the perfect golf swing

Well here I am using my perfect golf swing and I like to play golf rapidly. There is nothing worse then playing on a golf course and falling behind the group in front of you by one, two, three holes.

We have prided ourselves with rapid play by playing ready golf. For an example, every golf course has markers at the 200 yard, 150 yard and 100 yard distances from the center of the green. If you are an average golfer, you will use these markers to select your club and whale away.

Usually, you will get close to the green and even sometimes you will land on one. For me, I will land on the green in regulation about 5 holes out of nine even with my perfect golf swing.

What about the perfect golf swing complaint

Ok,I have teased you long enough about my perfect golf swing complaint.  I have many of my friends that have purchased GPS devices to tell them where they are in relation to the pin . What distance is required to land next to the pin.

Well, you can probably guess what my complaint is right about now. If you have no chance to hit a green but you spend time to determine if you are 150 yards or 146 yards from the pin, what difference could that make to you if you cannot hit the green to save your butt.

Well that begins my complaint. On Wednesday, the golf course was so wet, we had to use cart paths only and walk to our ball from the cart path. So here is a golfer, that shoots about 100 for 18 holes. He has a GPS device built into his phone. His ball is sitting close to the 150 yard marker and it is about 39 yards from the cart path.

He walks out to the ball with no clubs and only his phone. He stands next to his ball and points to the flag on the pin on the green. He walks back to his cart, gets a club out and walks back to his ball. He takes two practice swings, stands over the ball with club at address for what seems like 20 seconds and finally swings.

He hits the ball about 32 yards and drives his cart up to the ball location on the cart and does the same thing all over again. He then hits the ball 10 yards short of the green. He then takes his wedge and putter to the ball and chips twice to get on the green and two putts for a seven and delays us by three and a half minutes from the normal 15 minutes it takes us to play the hole.

Well, you do that for 18 holes, and you are delayed by 30 to 40 minutes. Now you include another golfer in your group that is similar and you can spend two much time n the golf course. I like golfing for 4 to 5 hours but if so I like to play 18 to 24 holes during that time.

Anyway, I thank you for getting that off of my chest. It is to nice here right now to spend much more time on this subject. I have to get going as I have to go to the airport and pick up my brother in law.

I am getting better with my perfect golf swing but I do need a new driver. My is terrible and I am shorter then most of the guys with a perfect golf swing. I am beginning to think I may have a crack in my driver’s face that is causing me to drive short.

Anyway that is for later. You all have a nice day.

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