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The Perfect Golf Swing Is Fun

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing is fun to use

While trying to perfect the perfect golf swing I am getting lots of practice. The scores are getting better but the putting is keeping me from reaching my goal of shooting in the thirties for nine holes.

I would love to practice some more but I have too many other things to do. We have been playing more and the perfect golf swing is almost grooved. But there is a tendency to over swing as I like to hit the ball long and empress all of those in my group including my wife or maybe it is just myself.

Anyway, every now and again I will pull the ball way left and that is a combination of over swinging, while trying to hit it down the third base line and being to far forward with the ball location The end result is the club is slightly closed and it goes left. Then on the next drive, you can guess what will happen, we will over compensate for that shot and repeat again and again until we calm down and hit the ball properly. In the meantime we will lose a couple of strokes to par.

The courses I play on are somewhat forgiving and I will still be able to play so I don’t lose a ball. I am hitting my irons great but I am inconsistent with my distance. Sometimes I will remember and concentrate on the right club or a lower club for the extra distance I need. For an example, I will hit a 7 iron 140 yards or 165 yards and am not sure which one it will be. My 2 iron will be either 220 yards or 190 yards with the same type of shot. So you can see that with the putting not being very good and the distance being inaccurate, I will miss the green and have to chip. I cannot, with consistency, chip with the accuracy needed for a gimmie putt and will two or three putt.

I will have to practice my set up to make my perfect golf swing great.

How to get the perfect golf swing great

We are going to have to do the same set up to get the perfect golf swing consistent. We have watched many videos and even seen three of them that will help set up for the proper golf swing. You and I know what we are suppose to do but have a tendency to just get up there and swing away. I have the same issue while bowling so if I can do it with golf I should be able to do it with bowling.

This practice rounds are gong to have to be more productive. Practice will have to be to improve scores by being more results oriented to get the perfect golf swing.

I have a video for you to watch to help set up your swing. The video is called “The best golf swing tips ever”, I hope you will enjoy.

I hope this made some sense for you.

I have a lot of things to do so I probably will not get you another post until the end of the week or next week.

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Thanks and see ya later,

Lou M.

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