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My Perfect Golf Swing Needs Work

Perfect Golf Swing

My perfect golf swing needs work

Well, my perfect golf swing does not need work it is the things I do before and after the golf swing. I am averaging 42 over the last month. But in order to get any better, I need to fix some things. The perfect golf swing is perfect and the many guys I play with all love my golf swing.

But I need help. I have started using the “Pro Set Up” for my golf swing and it has helped a lot. But I still have a tendency to over swing and that throws off the timing. I have tried a couple of things to help and they seem to work but I feel self conscious about using it.

Let me explain what I am doing first and what I think I need to do to help to make my perfect golf swing better.

How to make the perfect golf swing better

I am a little short but my perfect golf swing is great. I am 5’7″ and the clubs were store bought. They were premium golf clubs that I purchased at 50% discount and paid $600 for 20 years ago. That would be like buying $4,000 clubs for $2,000 now.

The clubs are very good but they are designed and built for the average person that was about 5’9″ 20 years ago. That makes them about 2″ too long. I used to have a pretty flat swing back in the day and was a 4 handicap for 18 holes. I could hit an 8 iron over 165 yards back then and my drives were an average of 287 yards.

Now I swing more upright to get a bigger swing to accommodate for my lost distance due to reduced activity and getting older. If I do not stand upright or more correctly more upright then I have a tendency to hit the ground before I hit the ball. So every now and then, I forget and hit a bad drive or metal wood or even an iron.

Like most of us I get fast on my back swing every now and then to get a little more distance and that creates a problem. It could be a pull or a shank or just plain missed hit.

I still have issues with putting and cannot make a putt to save par or make a birdie. Except for the last two days, I have made four birdies. Two on par threes, one on a par four and par five. Good shots and not one putt over ten feet but my putting is still erratic. I am using the lines on the ball to help me align the ball for my putting and am coming close but I am still missing and most often I am way short.

Yesterdays 18 holes were ok for putting but today the course I played on had faster greens. I was going past the pin by 6 to 8 feet compared to yesterday.

So these are the things I need to do consistently to score better to help my perfect golf swing.

Help for my perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing aides. First, I need to make good contact without over swinging. I need the no-back swing swing. I feel self conscious about using it but it really does work. If you don’t know what I am talking about then take a look at the previous post or the one before. I put a location of a photo collage and then a video about the no-back swing swing.

By using the no-back swing swing I will have more control over the swing. This is a must. There are other people that look a lot goofier then I do so what the heck.

Before that though, I must stand up as erect as I can while still having the perfect golf swing.

Finally, I must practice more on my putting technique to get more birdies or make more pars with good lag putts.

Does this sound like something that you need to do. Look, I got the swing that is my perfect golf swing but I do some things that makes it do bad things. Can you say that. Or can you say that you are averaging 42 for nine holes. If you are still hacking away and are afraid to make a change then you should not be reading my blog posts as it will only frustrate you more then you are already frustrated.

I can help. If you first CLICK HERE NOW to get the “Simple golf swing” from Symple Golf Company to learn the basics. And you will also sign up for my newsletter that will help you make the swing even better.

You could just use the Simple golf swing techniques and it will improve your golf swing by 50% and get you golfing in the low 50’s or high 40’s in a few short weeks. If you want to get any better then I will provide you with the alterations I have made to make the perfect golf swing for you.

Let me help you get your perfect golf swing just by going to the link provided and sign up for my newsletter and the location of the Simple Golf Swing.

Buy it and watch the videos and begin practicing immediately and watch your scores go down like never before. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, then just return it and get your money back. Simple and easy. Just look at their guarantees that they provide.  You cannot do any better. You get the best simple golf swing and you have me helping you get better with my expertise that has come at a very high expense. You have the vendors money back guarantee so how can you lose.

Go CLICK HER NOW and get your own DVD’s to learn from.


Lou M.

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