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Did You Find Your Perfect Golf Swing?

Perfect Golf Swing

The summer is over did you find you perfect golf swing

Well here we are. It is the beginning of fall and did you find your perfect golf swing? Did you improve this season over last? Did your scores go down?

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There are a lot of questions and I would guess that you are in the same boat as most of us and had a decent time golfing this summer but did not improve your golf game. If anything you probably got a little worse then the previous season.

I know that there were two golfers in my leagues that decided they were not going to play anymore. This was their last season of golf. They were going fishing or bowling or anything else but golf.

I told them about my experiment and how I have improve significantly this season over last season. They both agreed that I had done better but were determined to give up the game and save a ton of money as a result. They did not care about the perfect golf swing or even a very good golf swing or even a somewhat better golf swing. They were just feed up with the whole process.

Have you given up on the perfect golf swing?

I see this every year, golfers give up on golf because they do not have the perfect golf swing. They have a very bad golf swing and just don’t do anything to get better. Heck they don’t even go to the driving range. All they do is come out on the league night and expect to beat the pants off of their opponents.

Their score ends up being worse then last week or just as bad as last week and they get pissed about golfing. When I asked what they did to get better, they get made at me.They know they will never have the perfect golf swing or even a good golf swing but they don’t want to spend time to improve.

What can be done to improve towards the perfect golf swing.

Look there are many videos on youtube that will give you directions towards the perfect golf swing. There are people out there that will show you how to work their favorite instruction or tutorial and put it is a simple video or series of videos. You can learn a technique without spending a single penny.

You do not have to listen to me or anyone unless you think we can help to guide you towards improving your golf swing. But whomever it is that you decide to follow, do not switch back and forth to others. Just follow that instruction and practice at it until you have it learned. You may never get the perfect golf swing but you may get a better golf swing.

What has it all meant for the perfect golf swing

I have become the master at switching back and forth from one tutorial to another trying to get the best instructions I could get for my perfect golf swing.

You will learn a method of golfing that will be better then you are doing now but you must stick to it and practice, practice, practice to get better at anything. You may never achieve that perfect golf swing but you will be better.

There is about five or six weeks left of golf for most of us in about half of the country so you will have to take your practice indoors unless you have a driving range that has a heated facility. Then you will be able to hit golf balls to see what you have for a good swing.

Look, you may never find that perfect golf swing for you but you should be able to get a your very good golf swing. I think most us us would be happy to go from the mid 50’s to the mid 40’s during league play. Take a look at your league results and see how many have a single digit handicap compared to your 15 or 20 handicap you are at now.

Actually, see how many have the same handicap as you. I ended up in the bottom six in both of my leagues where I was in the top 10 highest handicaps in both leagues the previous year. One league I was the most improved from last year to this year.

By the way, I hope your enjoyed the last post. It was something I put in to just get a big laugh out of and to lighten up my post about my perfect golf swing.

Here is a video about trick golf shots. Something we do every week without trying. Anyway for your enjoyment at the best perfect golf swing site on the Internet.

That was pretty neat hey. Here is one more with the “Hit Man”. Enjoy and see ya in a few days;

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Thanks, Lou M.

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