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My Perfect Golf Swing Day

Perfect Golf Swing

Yesterday was my perfect golf swing day

Do you know what it is like to have a perfect golf swing day? Well, I had one yesterday and it was wonderful.

My wife and I went golfing and played nine holes. The golf course was full but it didn’t seem like it. They had two outings that had started earlier in the morning and we started much later. They have three nine hole courses and were using all three but with this colder weather there are not too many other people golfing. Most people have hung it up for the season.

So we played a nine that was virtually empty. There were two singles in front of us so things moved right along.

Anyway, my perfect golf swing was just that, perfect.

You are probably wondering what was the difference that made my golf swing so perfect. Well, I did a number of things but the most important thing I did was to not try and smack the ball but just try to make good contact.

You are probably wondering how I did that aren’t you? This is what I did. I did three things that made my golf swing perfect;

First, I made sure that my back swing was very short of 3/4. Actually, it was like 5/8.

Second, I slowed down my back swing to about half speed until I reached the 5/8 mark keeping my elbow tucked in close to my body.

Finally, I used my forward swing nice and controlled so that I made good contact with the ball with the center of the club face.

As a result almost every golf shot was excellent using my perfect golf swing.

I did have one bad shot. It was a result of opening the club face too much on one of my drives. This is a hole that I normally go into the woods on the left side so I had to open the club face a little more to keep from doing that again. The end result was I went into the woods on the right as I opened the club too much.

This hole is very challenging. The fairway is about 25  feet wide with woods on both sides. The expressway is on the left, so the woods are designed to keep the balls off of the road. On the right, the woods are designed to keep from hitting balls into adjacent holes. This is a par five and very difficult because of the narrow path.

Well, I lost my ball but I found six others. Pretty good balls too. Two Callaways, two Titlest Pro v’s, a Srixon and a Precept.

I used one of them and put the ball down in the fairway. I hit a three metal within 10 yards of the green, chipped up close and sunk the putt for a par 5 which included a one stroke penalty for a lost ball. To say I was happy would be an understatement. A perfect golf swing and found extra good balls to use later. Can’t get any better.

Videos to show the perfect golf swing to you

So today’s video is about using slow motion to practice with and use it to hit the ball better for greater control and distance for your perfect golf swing.

Here is the video, enjoy;

Can you see the value in using slow motion to hit a golf ball. Well I am living proof that using a slower back swing, a shorter back swing and a controlled forward swing will help you hit the ball better without any lessons other than this video and my information.

On this video you can see how he keeps his left arm straight throughout the entire swing. You can also see where he cocks his wrist so that he will have more speed with his golf swing without swinging harder or faster.

I hope my analysis of my perfect golf swing and the use of slow motion will help you become a better golfer.

By the way, I did not tell you what me score was. I shot a 40. A great score for me. I even putted pretty good. No three putts and a couple of one putts thanks to good ship shots. The one thing I forgot to do during my round with my perfect golf swing was to aim properly. There were a couple of instance with the approach shots that I did not line up properly and was off target.

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Thanks, see ya later

Lou M.

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