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The Perfect Golf Swing Disappeared This Week

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing disappeared

Over the past week my perfect golf swing did a vanishing act. My drives which had been nearly picture perfect for the past four weeks had gone to the far side.

I played golf twice this week and in both instances the majority of my drives were no good. I am sure that I was swinging too hard but I could not control the swing. So I tried to use other clubs to reduce the bleeding. My irons were great as were my 5 hybrid. It seems that I was swinging ok with my other clubs but my drives sucked.

So the perfect golf swing was ok for my irons but not my drives

Where else did my perfect golf swing fail me

As I have been telling you over the past weeks, my perfect golf swing was OK but my putting lacked any type of consistency.

During my last round, I three putted 5 greens. I also missed two putts within 10 feet and could have scored fairly decently.

So to wrap it up, I started out each hole with an adventure and ended the round with an adventure. Not knowing what was going to happen and soon I began to expect the worse. Which is what I got.

I was hoping to get out and play some practice rounds but I had too many things that needed taking care of so I could not get any practice in to stop the bleeding.

That means I need to do something today to help either the drives or putts to get my perfect golf swing back.

I want to keep this short, so I have included two videos to help people like you and me practice to get our perfect golf swing back.

Video 1; Jim Murphy – Golf Swing Practice

A Good Video that is short and to the point

The next video is from the Surge – How to make the perfect practice swing

The Surge is Don Trahan and provides good info about many things golf. He provides good info about how to get your practice swing for your perfect golf swing.

See ya next week. Going to practice.


Lou M

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