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The Perfect Golf Swing Stopped By Rain

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing was stopped by the rain

There are not many things that can keep you from using your perfect golf swing but weather is one of those things. We had much needed rain yesterday so we did not have golf.

In our neck of the woods we need rain just like most of the country. We were suppose to tee off early but it started raining after the first two groups teed off. Rain is not a big deal but lightning is and that is what we had. We thought it was going to be one of those very nasty rain storms but it turned out to be a rain that is just perfect for the lawn.

So we did not play on Thursday. Luckily, my wife and I went out on Wednesday to play a quick 9 holes. alas it was not meant to be. This is where I want to talk about courtesy on the golf course.

People seem to think that when they get on the golf course it is their right to do whatever they want to do and you must wait for them. The golf course I played on is one of the few I play on a regular basis. It gets kind of crowded at times but during the late morning or early afternoon it is mostly singles, twosomes, and threesomes.

At a point in time, I could see all of the players on three holes. There was a twosome that had a single following them and they would not let him play through. There was a threesome behind the single that was keeping up with the single and a twosome behind the threesome in front of me that was a hole behind after playing just three holes.

This twosome that was in front of us was hacking and whacking all over the course. They were an older couple and the guy thought he was playing with the boys for big money. They were out practicing like us but they were taking turns hitting the balls by whom ever was the furthest away. When they got to the green the guy would mark his ball and clean it with the towel he brought with him. I know as I was sitting and waiting on every shot for them to get out of the way.

A single came up behind us and we could not let him go through as the twosome in front of us would not have let him play through, so I asked him if he wanted to play with us. That would slow us down and I would not have to wait for the couple in front of us. So he did.

Well you get the picture. It took us 2.5 hours to play a practice round as a twosome/threesome. SAD! In spite of it all, I was hitting the ball very well thank you and was enjoying my perfect golf swing.

How did the perfect golf swing work after all

I was playing odd clubs practicing my perfect golf swing due to the slowness of the group in front of us. Using a three metal instead of driver and using my five hybrid instead of my three metal so that I could play instead of sitting. It was when I hit my second five hybrid that I realized what had happened to me during this past week. What had caused me to drive poorly.

I was over swinging on the back wing causing me to open up my right elbow. This then caused me to pull the ball and then I would over compensate and push the next drive right. When I hit my five hybrid, I used a shortened back swing and hit the ball perfectly right down the middle. I could feel the shortened back swing.

It was great and I continued to play that way hitting almost every ball perfectly. My perfect golf swing was back and I was playing great, in spite of the slow play.

So enough about slow play and poor courtesy. I was enjoying the round of my perfect golf swing and being out on the course with my wife.

So I have taken the time to go through YouTube to get some practice videos to help you get your golf swing tuned up. I would hope that you have your perfect golf swing already but if you don’t then sign up for my newsletter and I will provide you with more info about how to get the perfect golf swing for you. CLICK HERE NOW

These videos show you how to start out slow and short to get your timing down to get the perfect golf swing. This first video shows a short back swing which is what every one should do if they don’t play four times a week or more. This swing will help your attempt to get a perfect golf swing.

OK. Here is video one; called “Best Golf Swing Tips Ever”

I hope you enjoyed that video. Practice it.

Here is the next, it is also very good. It is call “Golf Tips:Golf Swing Tips”

If you combine these two and then practice you will have something. You might even get the perfect golf swing for you.

See ya next week sometime. We are on vacation and hope to get in some golf so if I have time to write about it I will. In the meantime, please sign up for my newsletter and CLICK HERE NOW!


Lou M.

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