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My Perfect Golf Swing For The Seasons End

Perfect Golf Swing

My perfect golf swing ends the season, maybe…

It is the end of the golf season for league play perfecting my perfect golf swing. I will continue to play until November just like I have for the past two seasons.

I am still learning ways to make my perfect golf swing perfect. I have shortened up my back swing on all shots and reduced my swing to about 80% to be more accurate. I have to club down to make it work and sometimes I forget to do it and then the troubles begin.

I finished league play in my Monday golf league tied for third place with a 39.2 average for the season. That is out of 40 golfers. My last 7 weeks I had an average of 36.3 playing a best ball format with a different partner each week.

I think that was pretty good considering I was still trying to figure out which golf swing I was going to use. I have settled on a golf swing that is almost perfect for me and I am modifying it each time I play to make it work better for my perfect golf swing.

What perfect golf swing am I using

You are probably wondering which perfect golf swing am I using. Well, the basic swing is from Symple Golf. No I did not misspell symple. That is the name of the company that sells their version of “The Simple Golf Swing”.

But I have used only about 40% of their swing. It is basically the grip, back swing, chip method, putting and some other elements. I have modified all of those things I just mention to suit me and mixed in a lot of things from other instructional videos I have paid good money for.

When all is said and done, I have spent over $500 to learn my swing. It is not a perfect golf swing by any stroke of the imagination but it is just right for me.

I have decided that I am not going to give you all of the information about me golf swing on my blog posts. If you want to learn what I am doing to make my perfect golf swing then I would like you to sign up for my newsletter. I will provide you with the basics of a golf swing and somewhere around the sixth email I will start telling you about my basics and how I have used them for my swing.

So if you would just take a minute and CLICK HERE NOW and sign up for my newsletter you will find it the most valuable thing you have done this golf season. Over a two week period I will provide you with all of the necessary info to begin using for the rest of the season and to practice in your garage during the winter months. By next season you will be primed and ready to beat the pants off of your friends and family.

You will no longer be the hack of your group. You will be the most improved golfer of you circle of friends. You and they will not believe the difference.

This new golf swing I am using is based on the “Symple Golf” concept of their “Simple Golf Swing” but with my modifications.

I would hope that you will buy the Simple Golf Swing. I do get a referral fee that I am hoping will make up for all of the money I have spent to get you the right mixture of things that make up the perfect golf swing for you. And like I said, I will help you with the modifications I have made that makes my perfect golf swing.

I am going to provide what I have done this season that makes me a better golfer. I started out both leagues about middle of the pack. On Monday I was shooting in the low to mid 40’s and my Thursday league I was in the mid to low 50’s.

As I told you, I ended the season average 36.2 over a seven week period and on Thursday I have been shooting an average 43.1 for the last five weeks. Part of my success has been shot management where I use my two or three iron or maybe my three metal to drive with on shorter holes. This gives me the same par three shot for each hole most of the time.

So you can see how I have progressed this season and my perfect golf swing has gotten better as I get more practice. There are certain things that I have to do that make the swing work and if I don’t then bad things happen. That still makes it hard to repeat to some extent.

An example of the things I must do to make my swing work. I am smaller in stature at 5’7″ and I need to stand upright to make my store bought clubs work. Some day I will have clubs made for me that are perfect for me and my swing. So, if I don’t stand upright more, then I will sometimes hit the ground before I make contact and any number of bad things can happen.

Or, if I don’t keep my right elbow in and try to over swing, I will do something wrong and who knows where the ball will go. So I have to remember to keep my back swing short to keep my elbow in and the ball goes straight with a nice arc. I am teeing the ball down now also to reduce the high flight of the ball to try and get more distance out of a shorter backĀ  swing.

These are just a few examples of what I do to make my golf swing my perfect golf swing. You may do the same or maybe something different to get your perfect golf swing to work but you will not without my telling you about the things I have done while experimenting to get my perfect golf swing.

So, please sign up for my newsletter by CLICKING HERE NOW. It will take your to a signup page where you will give me your first name and primary email and when you click to approve it will take you to the Symple Golf page where you can review what they have to offer. There is no obligation to buy but I would hope that you will take my recommendation as an approval for this tutorial to help you get your perfect golf swing.

You will get a DVD sent to you for your keeping and can use it to review what they have taught you. The price I think is still under $50 but with shipping and handling it is over that amount by $6 or $7. Still pretty cheap for what you are going to learn.


Lou M.

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