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My Perfect Golf Swing Practice Round

Perfect Golf Swing

Today’s round for my perfect golf swing

My perfect golf swing was used during the practice round to see if it would hold. I am trying various things to help make my golf swing better before declaring it my perfect golf swing.

Today, my wife and I went out golfing. We had not been out together for about a week and it was only my second time out during that same period. So we were both anxious to see what we had forgotten or remembered. Speaking of remembering, please sign up for my newsletter before you forget. CLICK HERE NOW!

I’ll tell you right now, I was almost perfect. I hit a very good drive a little pull left but still in play. My three metal was next and I hit it as close to perfection as is humanly possible for me and I was then left with a 70 yard shot to the green. Not bad for a 506 yard par 5. Put the chip about 10 feet and then proceeded to two putt for a five.

I was pretty good for the entire round except for a couple of missed greens with bad chips that caused me to two putt each time. I three putted twice and only had a tap in after a very nice chip for a par. So I had a total of 19 putts for the round and shot a 44. Both par fives I parred with normal three on and two putted. On the eighth hole I parred with a long lag putt. So that is four holes I parred out of the nine holes with my perfect golf swing.

What did I do wrong during the perfect golf swing round?

So forĀ  five holes I was 8 over par. What did I do wrong even with my perfect golf swing?

I three putted two of those five holes and two putted three of those holes. Here is what I did wrong. I chili dipped two shots, and chili dipped on a chip and pulled two shots left losing one ball and landed short on one shot to the green.

I have been having a very difficult time with my putting. I have even purchased a new tutorial to help me with my putting. Until I get that perfected, I don’t know what to tellĀ  you to do so I went to YouTube and got two videos for you to watch. Each one tells of the different grips to try. So I thought it would be a good place to begin.

So here are the two videos the first with Paul Wilson and the second with Jim Ferrel. Enjoy

Paul Wilson’s grips for putting a very simplistic. They are mostly the basic golf grips which I don’t use .

Here is Jim’s video which provides a little different info about his version of the basic grips. Enjoy.

So there were about six different ways to grip a putter. If these help, then I am happy to have helped but I hope to have more info about a better way to grip and putt to improve your scores. So I will be back next week with a bunch of new stuff.

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Thank you and see ya next week.

Lou M.

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