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My Perfect Golf SwingTips

Perfect golf swing

My perfect golf swing today

Almost a perfect golf swing day. How do you measure a perfect golf swing day? Is it by score, play or number of perfect hits.

For an example, today I hit nine perfect drives, which included the two par threes. I used a seven iron on the first and should have used another seven but used the eight and had a very long putt for a birdie. In excess of 50 feet but could not come close and ended up with three putts for a bogie.

All in all, I had a 42 today. And if you couple that with my best ball 36 Monday, I would say that I had a very good week. Today, I had one bad shot. On the second hole I had a 90 yard shot for an approach and skulled it over the green. I had to chip back and two putted for a bogie five.

On the last hole, a par five, I reached the green in two, just barely, but three putted for a five. Used another perfect golf swing to reach the green in two.

How was I able to get my perfect golf swing so fast

You are probably wondering how I was able to get my perfect golf swing in motion.

I have been playing a lot but not lately. What has made the difference is that I have been able to figure out how to used the new golf swing and perfect it to suit my swing. Today, the seven drives using my driver where basically all the same except two. They were low drives on a rope and did not vary left or right. One that I hit a little different was the high arch I used to hit using the long tees but it still went fairly long and straight. The other that was not quite perfect, I hit a little high on the ball and was about 30 yards short of my average but it was straight also.

I had three three putt greens today. If you take a way the extra putts then I would have had a 39. Take away the one bad chip and I would have had a 38. There were two putts that were less than 10 feet that could easily been made and now I could have had a 36.

So if I use statistical analysis to determine where I can improve it is the putting. Putting cost me five strokes today. The one bad chip shot is just that a bad shot that happened once. Something not worth concentrating on.

I will tell you what has made me a better hitter but not right now. I believe I want you to show me that it is important for you to learn how to get your perfect golf swing.

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In the meantime, I am giving you another video to watch just for giggles,

This one is called; Golf Swing – Hitting Solid Iron Shots and Compressing the Golf Ball

I hope you enjoyed this video. You can never learn to much. I find that I get info to try according to my golf swing and make modifications to the swing so that it suits my perfect golf swing.

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See ya soon. And I am doing some modifications to the blog to get you more info.

You will not be sorry.


Lou M.

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