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The Perfect Golf Swing and the Wind

Perfect golf Swing

The perfect golf swing and the wind

Based on the performance of the pros over the weekend using their perfect golf swing, I guess we are not the only ones that has problems playing golf in the wind.

So can we expect to play like we do with the wind at normal conditions? I expect the answer will be a resounding no!

The wind has to many variables that need to be addressed to account for everything. It is especially hard to not try to over compensate by swinging harder or faster to try and reduce the undesirable effect produced by higher than normal winds.

Of the top 10 pros only three were under par for the round.

So how can we expect to be the same or better in high wind conditions.

For the perfect golf swing you have to give and take.

The perfect golf swing allows errors

I guess using our perfect golf swing we are only going to have to use other methods to compensate for high winds and take what we get and go on for the round.

By using other methods I mean to hit shots that can reduce the effect of the wind. We certainly can’t hit our normal higher trajectory shot and hope that the wind will not blow it past the green and out of play.

No, No! We must be smart and play the game using lower trajectory shots that will reduce the effect the wind will have. These are shots you must practice.

These shots will become part of out perfect golf swing. Why? Because we play outdoors and the wind, sun rain, etc. are all part of our game.

How to prepare for the perfect golf swing in less ideal conditions

We must be prepared to play in these less than ideal conditions using your perfect golf swing.

So to help you play using your golf swing, I have gotten two videos that will help you practice and be ready for the next big wind. Your buddies or golf partners will not be prepared but you will be.

So here are two videos for your enjoyment;

This first video is called “How to golf in the wind”

The other way to hit a wind ball is to take more club. If it is say a 5 iron normally, use a 3 iron, play it slightly back in the stance and take a normal swing.

Next is video number 2 called “How to hit balls in the wind”

One mistake people make when playing into the wind is to swing harder, when you should try to maintain an easy tempo!! You can also hood the face of the club slightly, which keeps the ball from ballooning.

I hope these videos have helped. Remember, you must practice these types of shot to be effective.

Enjoy and make your perfect golf swing the best it can be. This takes knowledge and practice.

Enjoy and see ya tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for my bulletin and secret to the perfect golf swing Click Here NOW

Yours truly,

Lou M.

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